Tim McDonald First Annual Distinguished Critic

Tim McDonald

Urban Practice Distinguished Visiting Critic Spring 2013

The first annual Urban Practice Distinguished Visiting Critic is Tim McDonald of the Philadelphia-based firm, Onion Flats. Tim McDonald and his business partner and brother Pat McDonald and their team are producing some of the most refined, urban projects in the United States. Exemplifying the goals of the Urban Practice concentration, Onion Flats builds of today in historic fabric and takes on the multi-faceted role in design practice.

From their website: “Onion Flats, grew but our fundamental commitments remained the same: As a ‘critique’ of contemporary architectural and building theory and practice, Onion Flats’ mission has, since 1997, been fourfold:

1. To extend the imagination of the architect beyond the drawing board and into the building process.

2. To educate the public about the collaborative role of the architect in not only the making of buildings but of culture and meaning in contemporary society.

3. To reestablish a space of dialogue and respect between members of the architectural and building communities.

4. To empower a younger generation of architects, builders and craftsmen to continue to dream.

ONION FLATS: the developer.

PLUMBOB: the architect.

JIG: the builder.