drawing is the fundamental reason for my career and the primary method to help me see, think and learn about the world. it has shaped my design process, teaching and my writing. this collection of foreign travel program sketches and doodles are part meditation, part exercise and part distraction.

as meditation, these drawings, especially tonal studies, are a way to contemplate space and form through light. as exercises, they are attempts to draw effectively: drawing minimal lines to convey complex ideas. as distractions they are simply ways to while away the time on the metro or waiting for a boarding announcement.

most of the images shown here are relatively small: 3"-5" in the longest dimension

many of these are now available for purchase on my etsy site: archisketches . please hover over the image to see if it is on etsy!

"sphere trio", ink, 5"x5", exhibited at the circle gallery, annapolis, maryland, 2019