Who is behind the creation of the world

Post date: May 21, 2011 3:51:37 AM

The creation, the evolutionary process is part of memory. Experiencing is only in the 'NOW', that is, 'live' moment.

Mind is linear, that is, recognises every thing on the time scale.

When you see that questions like, creation, evolutionary process are part of the mind only, part of memory only- one is suddenly grounded to NOW, the everpresent. One sees destruction and renewal as the unending process. One sees the non-linear ground on which the drama is being played. But it can be seen through NOW and not by satisfying the curiosity of the mind as to 'who created' and so on.

To see that mind is programmed and seeks answers to satisfy itself, to perpetuate the illusion is to see the whole point.

Y V Chawla