Decay, time and auto renewal

Post date: Mar 11, 2013 6:01:22 PM

Body decays and brain slows down not with the passage of time but when the auto renewal process is vitiated. And the auto renewal process is vitiated when brain is not interested (or less interested) in actual functioning, in actual usage, in actual interaction, with possessions, relations, situations, ideas but in seeking stable relief through them or becomes complacent in respect of possessions, relations and so on. It escapes the uneasiness of disturbing the complacency. This escaping conceals the friction (it is uneasiness for the present brain), which is the basis of auto renewal. Becoming aware of this is attunement to the inexhaustible energy, the Original.

There is renewal every moment. Brain experiences it as friction from moment to moment. The illusion makes one wait for the frictionless state. Friction is experienced as pain, uncertainty, pleasure. To be comfortable with friction (without any idea, explanation) is one’s attunement to supreme relaxation.

Y V Chawla