Total humanity is in the same boat

Post date: Jan 21, 2015 11:33:56 AM

We are so much conditioned by religion, spirituality, ideas about God that we never venture to seek ‘what is True’. We have adjusted ourselves to ideas dished out by others about Life. We are enamoured by good-bad, right-wrong bifurcation (apart from law) as if order will come and stay.

Fundamental Understanding-Spirituality- is fundamental clarity about Life and not any ideation to comfort the mind, not wait for some happy ending, not dependence upon others to solve one’s psychological uncomfortableness. It is to question, negate any comforting diversion to solace the mind from the uneasiness, irritation it is experiencing now. The whole energy is concentrated here.

It is not an advice or addition to knowledge. It is a hit on the mind that what it is seeking (stable pleasure, confirmation about tomorrow, about others’ behaviour) is not available. The hit attunes one to supreme relaxation, the self-sustained ground.

One is thinking as if there is disorder in the world, in the Universe and something should be done to put it into order. All our politics, governance, economics, science is geared towards this perception. It is like a jerk for the mind to know, to understand that every movement is from order to order and not from disorder to order and there is no satisfactory dead end.

You can operate in the world as you want. Your ideas to set the world right as if you are safe, good, important-hence separate- is the cause of conflicts within you and within society. Total humanity is in the same boat.