The following questions and other such questions have been replied in different forums by

Y V Chawla.

Compilation in book form will be available.

What is the most fundamental law in nature?

Why are some people so calm in stressed situations?

If the law of karma exists, then why do the innocent suffer?

Why does the human mind get confused?

How do I get rid of chattering that arises in my mind?

What can one control and what can not?

Why do we exist?

Why am I not able to retain happiness?

How did life on Earth begin?

Why do I feel so much resistance in my mind?

Why is it that the brains of a student are the same but the grasping power is different?

How can the brain be fully activated?

Is there any power – God or some other, which controls Life or the Universe? Why do we face pain and uncertainty? Why do bad or wrong things happen?

How is the human mind and gene correlated?

Can I use humour to reduce my stress?

If God created the Universe, who created God?

Why does all my happiness vanish after attaining success?

What should I do when I am insulted and depressed?

By what laws, the System of the Universe is operated?

Can positive affirmations (things will be alright in future, God will take care, all is well and so on) help?

What is the hardest truth?

What can I do to produce dopamine in my brain?

Why we even after knowing from deep inside, commit wrong karma?

If survival (particularly financially) is so terrifying why haven’t we (as evolved beings) discovered how to do it without the fear?

It is said that 'matter cannot be destroyed'. So what happens to your soul when you die?

And so on.--------

Compilation in book form will be available.