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Friction is the sign of being 'alive'

posted Aug 6, 2013, 10:54 AM by Y V Chawla   [ updated Dec 1, 2013, 12:31 AM ]

The structure of consciousness is ‘feeling’ and ‘naming’. We are alive as we are ‘feeling’ and ‘naming’.

Feeling is in the form of anger, fear, confusion, anxiety, pleasure. Now the illusion enters and sees anger, fear and so on in rejection mode and pleasure feeling in welcome mode. The ground of consciousness is touched; the ground of being ‘alive’ is touched when these expressions are not rejected as alien. Can one see that anger, fear and so on are simply psychological discomforts? Suddenly, the ground is realized.


Any objective thing of the world including our body or DNA structure is not the sign of one’s being alive. The sign of being alive are ‘feeling’, and ‘naming’, thinking. The ‘feeling’ of friction-‘things are okay’, ‘things are not okay’-is the sign of being alive. The movements in the objective world keep the brain alive by ‘okay’ and ‘not okay’ friction. Brain can not feel stably okay; an unending friction is in motion. The ‘feeling’ and the objective world is seen as a singular process, self-sustained process when ‘not-okay’ is not treated as alien.

Human being means-it can ‘feel’ the friction that things are ‘okay’, ‘things are not okay’. He is also Aware that he is feeling this friction, pain. This friction is the ground of unending evolution. Complaining, blaming, feeling guilty does not let one feel the friction. Awareness (supreme relaxation) and unending friction is a singular process, self-sustained process. The illusion escapes the friction by seeking stable relief, stable pleasure through possessions, relations, ideas-hence dullness, decay, death. Becoming aware of the illusion is to drop it-is to experience the wonder of automation of the whole process.

Y V Chawla