Chicken or Egg- news item 15-07-2010

Post date: Jul 15, 2010 6:03:04 PM

The question ‘chicken came first or egg’ zeroins on the fundamental question whether we became conscious first or the objects, the outer world came before.

The Universe is not an absolute creation; it depends upon our recognition of it. It is relative to our (individual’s) recognition. So myself and the Universe is an interdependent phenomenon.

The implication of this is that it gives key to the individual, what he perceives, what he thinks.

From ‘Capsule’- By Y V Chawla

‘Every thing exists in relationship.

System shows gaps for movement.

There is no exclusiveness in anything in the system.

What we call force is a flow.

There is no substance in anything, every thing ‘is’ because it is related

to some other thing.

My senses and outside world is also a related structure, or dependent

upon each other structure.

Whatever is troublesome or pleasurable is also related to the mind, that is, the outside item of trouble or pleasure and its cognition by the mind is also related to each other, dependent upon each other. In this mutual dependence, mind posits itself as if it will fulfill itself by this relationship. It is busy in accepting or rejecting thereby negating the mutual dependence. As mutual dependence is the truth, accepting or rejecting is erroneous.’

‘It (science) pre-supposes that man can know, understand the truth with the help of senses (including all the instruments), and the mind. It does not question the motive of the mind in its search. Questioning the motive of the mind puts an end to all search, you become one with Life. The motive keeps the mind tied; whatever search you make is limited. Questioning the motive changes the purpose of search from satisfaction to inquiry and seeing the wonder of reality.’