Desire, uncertainty and manifestation

Post date: Jul 30, 2016 11:17:25 AM

Ideas, philosophies-including religious-spiritual, others are enticing you that by doing or possessing something-you will come to some satisfactory stable state. You will remain happy ever after. Unless you see the fallacy of this hope-you will continue to shop for something, which is not available. The relief you want is only as you are working with compulsions or acting by complaining, blaming, feeling guilty. You are not seeing fullness now where you are. This is a jerk for the mind to see that –unless you are in immediate physical danger, any discomfort is psychological discomfort only. And psychological comfort-discomfort is the non-stoppable movement. You are grounded now.

The only thing that you have to notice is that you are feeling psychologically discomfortable time and again due to irritating situations at work; loss, defame, relationship problems; fear about future; fear due to some belief. Can you see that all these are psychological discomforts as your life is not in danger? One shies away from this discomfort or tries to cover it up with ideas, explanations. Can one notice this movement? Noticing this is concentration of total energy. You have landed yourself in the magical world.

Brain can not work without contrast. Desire, uncertainty, any problem, any disliked situation provide contrast to manifestation, to what you want. This is the endless process. The illusion keeps one trapped as if there can be stability, relief, permanent solution, stable pleasure. The touch of the Original is missed.

Whatever you may get in the form of money or possessions and so on-the relief, the pleasure experienced has its momentum only for sometime. Brain requires fresh momentum to operate. To see that no pleasure, no relief can sustain is to connect to the Original. Now what you want, what you desire provides momentum to the maturing of your desire, to manifestation.

You are thinking as if you will feel settled, okay, free when you have more money, when your questions about life, about existence are answered, solved, when your children grow up and are settled, when you reach at some position in your work or job and so on. By this thinking, you are trying to seek relief away from now, by depending upon tomorrow. This relief never comes, is essentially short lived. Can you feel settled, okay, free now in whatever situation you are-it is only psychological discomfort (if not immediate physical danger)? All desires, all problems are psychological discomforts. Can you notice this? This noticing instantly connects you to the ground. Now your desire, your discomfort provides contrast to manifestation, to the maturing of your desire, to the new. The process is endless. You have touched the current of life.