Disease, psychological discomfort and balancing of hormones

Post date: Oct 9, 2015 5:30:03 AM

Psychological discomfort, emotional pain, any uneasy feeling if not experienced ‘as it is’-that is, it is escaped or covered up by comforting ideas, explanations or by complaining, blaming, feeling guilty- is stored, accumulated in the body, erupting as illness, physical pain and so on.

Escaping, covering up gives (illusory) comfort. One is trapped in securing this comfort.

Unless you are in immediate physical danger or acute physical pain-all discomforts are psychological discomforts, even if it is extremely difficult situation. Unless you are in actual physical danger, you are essentially at rest. This rest is always with you. This rest connects you to the ground, to all possibilities.

Due to dependence upon religious-spiritual ideas and intoxications for relief, the capacity to absorb psychological discomforts is weakened.

When you are comfortable with any irritating feeling, ambiguity, uncertainty-the release of pleasure hormones (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin) and stress hormones (cotrisol, adrenaline) is balanced. The balancing of these hormones renews the cells of body and brain. You are open to wonder now. You are on the Original ground.

Addiction is anything or any activity that covers up or glosses over ‘pain and uncertainty’. Addiction blocks the natural friction of the brain on which life is sustained. Immune system of the body may get weakened.

We do not align ourselves with micro movements from moment to moment but want stable relief from the unpredictability of micro movements. We do not feel comfortable with uncertainty, ambiguity. We want relief of pre-confirmations. Hence dullness, decay. Acknowledging uncertainty, ambiguity opens up to the limitless field.

Y V Chawla