Fundamental Expressions take you to the limit of the mind

Life will always prick you to explore ‘what is True’

Fundamental question is framed within you, arises within you-when you are stuck up and are not able to cover up or find a logical, rational, satisfactory explanation in respect of ‘what is happening’ or ‘what is troubling you’.

Unless fundamental question arises within one, one is simply adjusting to the situations only by explanations and waiting for a complacent state.

Spirituality ( Fundamental Understanding) is fundamental clarity about Life and not any ideation to comfort the mind, not wait for some happy ending, not dependence upon others to solve one’s psychological uncomfortableness. It is to question, negate any comforting diversion to solace the mind from the uneasiness, irritation it is experiencing now. The whole energy is concentrated here.

Just go through. There is nothing to practise or implement.

When you face failure, loss or any discomforting situation, it creates uneasiness in you. To ward off that uneasiness-you create words by complaining, blaming others, blaming fate, others are not cooperative and so on. You feel satisfied in this process. You attract similar situations thereby. Can you just stop this and absorb the uneasiness any situation is creating within you. Your whole energy is concentrated. You automatically attract ‘what is good’.

Is it not ecstatic to know that you can find the ‘Truth of Existence?

Are you not exhilarated even by the idea that there is a possibility of knowing the secret of birth and death?

Are you not relaxed to know that you can question pain and uncertainty?

Are you not elated to know that there is way to understand all issues troubling you by understanding yourself?

Are you not settled to know that the whole System is self-sustained and secured?

Do you still feel constricted after knowing that ‘you’ is all and that ‘you’ and the world is a unitary process?

What is the appropriate answer to any or all the problems?

That mind seeks satisfaction through the solution of the problem.

It says, ‘take me out of the problem, uneasiness’.

Can one see that this is a new problem? And this problem raises its head

every time one faces an unfavourable situation. To understand this (new) problem is to end it. The end of it is the end of the problem making mechanism.