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Is it not ecstatic to know that you can find the ‘Truth of Existence?
Are you not exhilarated even by the idea that there is a possibility of knowing the secret of birth and death?
Are you not relaxed to know that you can question pain and uncertainty?
Are you not elated to know that there is way to understand all issues troubling you by understanding yourself?
Are you not settled to know that the whole System is self-sustained and secured?
Do you still feel constricted after knowing that ‘you’ is all and that ‘you’ and the world
is a unitary process?

What is the appropriate answer to any or all the problems?
That mind seeks satisfaction through the solution of the problem.
It says, ‘take me out of the problem, uneasiness’.
Can one see that this is a new problem? And this problem raises its head
every time one faces an unfavourable situation. To understand this (new) problem is to end it. The end of it is the end of the problem making mechanism.

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When you face failure, loss or any discomforting situation, it creates uneasiness in you. To ward off that uneasiness-you create words by complaining, blaming others, blaming fate, others are not cooperative and so on. You feel satisfied in this process. You attract similar situations thereby. Can you just stop this and absorb the uneasiness any situation is creating within you. Your whole energy is concentrated. You automatically attract ‘what is good’.

The human predicament

The fundamental issue before man is-how to deal with, when he faces something which he does not like, finds irritating or when he is face to face with uncertainty, which he is unable to cover up.

Unless one faces this predicament, he can not find ‘what is True’. He goes on adjusting himself with ideas, explanations (including about God and so on). Can one see that all disliking, irritation, uncertainty is psychological discomfort, if it is not immediate physical danger? One takes as if this discomfort is thrown away from the mind by comforting ideas or comforting activities. Can one close this escape route? Can one see that there is no place to throw the discomfort out of your mind? Instantly, you find the resting point within. Connection to the Original has happened. ‘What is True’ is revealed.


     Enigma of Life and solace

One is mesmerized by what others are doing or what others have done in any field. We are carried away as if some one has comfortably solved the enigma of life. See Further: Click here

Friction is the sign of being 'alive'

The structure of consciousness is ‘feeling’ and ‘naming’. We are alive as we are ‘feeling’ and ‘naming’. Feeling is in the form of anger, fear, confusion, anxiety, pleasure. 

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Moving from logic to non-logical to magical

Moving from logic to non-logical to magical is what the living is. Anger, fear, confusion of conflicting options show that logic of the mind has failed or is not working. The unease, the energy generated due to anger, fear, confusion and so on, if it is absorbed as it arises-one is attuned to supreme relaxation with unending friction to operate.


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