Still More Multi-Family Residences

I remember when my family came to Fort Lauderdale in the mid 1960's, right before development went crazy. We stayed in a small motel on a stretch of beach called the Galt Ocean Mile. This motel was the only building on the beach for a mile. You would see nothing but ocean and sand dunes in both directions. The next year we returned to find a 40 story hi-rise condo built right next door. What a shock! The monster building was so tall that it blocked out the sun from the motels pool area for most of the afternoon. My dad was not too happy, saving all year to take his family somewhere nice.

Over the next few years this one mile stretch filled in with 30 and 40 story condos and became one of the most densely populated areas with over 70 people per acre.

A few years ago one of my developer clients called me. He was going to build a project on the Galt Ocean Mile. I met him at the property and guess what? it was the site of that tiny motel where my family vacationed. It was a holdout all these years and finally succumbed. It was kinda sad.



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Condo, Naples, Florida

Condo, Palm Beach, Florida



Townhouses, Boca Raton, Florida

Condos, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Condo, Galt Ocean Mile, Florida

The project above isn't the site of the small motel my family stayed, but is on a site of another motel at the very end of the mile. We stayed at that motel as well and this site has been built on several times over 40 years with bigger and bolder developments

Condos, Highland Beach, Florida

Condos, Miami, Florida

Condos, Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI

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