Automobile Dealerships

In Florida, like everywhere else in the U.S., cars are big business. Delray Beach has a mile of U.S. Highway 1 mostly dedicated to automobile dealerships. You can find everything from exotic high end sport and luxury rides to super fuel efficient cars of the future. This is where I put in my shameless plug for Hybrid technology. My wife and I drive a Toyota Prius and love it. We've had it for four years and get great mileage. I am experimenting with fuel additive tablets and my mileage is averaging 51 mpg --not to shabby! I am in contact with a company that is working on plug-in conversion kits and I'm thinking of having that done soon. As I write this, gas is past the three dollars a gallon mark. I think we will see a shift in the types of vehicles that pop up in the showrooms.



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Kia dealership, Delray Beach, Florida

Buick, Pontiac and GMC dealership, Delray Beach, Florida

 BMW dealership, Florida

Land Rover dealership, Tampa, Florida

BMW dealership, Margate, Florida

 Acura Dealership, Delray Beach, Florida

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