Caricatures and Cartoons

A caricature is an illustration that depicts someone as if they were a cartoon character. As an artist, you want to take prominent features and distort or exaggerate them for a comical result. It takes practice to perfect this art form so people will be able to see the real person within the artwork. There is a fine line between flattery and insult, so you have to see what you can get away with.



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This poster was done for a real estate company. I did caricatures of their employees engaged in activities.

I drew this caricature for a bowling team I played with. I am the pin head on the left.

Cartoon characters are easier for me to create because you can get away with practically anything; the more exaggerated, distorted and ridiculous the drawing, the funnier the result.

I created these two characters, Harry and Myra, while at work one day. They were inspired by some of the unusual tourists who come to Florida.

This cartoon was put on an invitation for a fishing trip

These two characters were concepts for dolls called the Yuppits. I had this idea to create cabbage patch type figures for adults based on Young Urban Professionals (yuppies). The first one is Charles,  the business man and the one below is Stan, the intern.

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