Courtyard Homes

When space is at a premium or your property is small, incorporating a courtyard into your design can create an outside environment. This idea has been borrowed from cities where you see tight areas attached to living units enclosed with walls or fences to expand the living space. These spaces are ideal for small gardens, container gardens, patios and water features; a great place to experience nature in an urban setting.

Here in South Florida the courtyard concept has expanded to include larger patios and swimming pools. A wise designer can take most any dead space and turn it into a useful one.



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Delray Beach, Florida

This house in Florida is on a very long narrow lot. The area between the main house and the garage has been turned into a courtyard which is protected from harsh ocean side weather.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


These Florida villas have small backyards that were fenced in to create courtyards for privacy

 Boca Raton, Florida

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