More Multi-Family Residences

Smaller multi-family developments are more intimate and have individual garages and pools. North Carolina is now experiencing a boom. Many Floridians are moving there, because they are tired of fighting crowds and hurricanes. Some of the projects I have worked on there are one and two story buildings with golf course and lake or mountain views.  



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Palm Beach, Florida

South Palm Beach, Florida. This was the original design of the  building in the color image on the previous page

Villas, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Parc Regent, Palm Beach, Florida

The Project in the above two images is called the Parc Regent. It was a very high end condo building built in 1984. The illustrations were drawn with an extremely fine tip technical ink pen to give it the feel of an etching. The client was specific about the car depicted. It is a Lamborghini Lagonda and it wasn't available yet in the U.S. I had to search all over for a picture of the car and keep in mind the Internet did not exist at the time--how did we survive!

A hotel converted into condos, Palm Beach, Florida

Villas, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Condo, Naples, Florida

Townhouses, Pinehurst, North Carolina

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