Disaster Training Facility
I do a great deal of work for one the local colleges, Florida Atlantic University. The illustrations I produce are used to solicit donors to finance buildings needed for expansion and enhancement of the campus. This resent project is a Disaster Training Facility. The director of Biomedical Science contacted me to help create a concept to help promote the expansion of their existing facility.

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 I was provided with a rough floor plan and verbal description of what was envisioned and the rest was left up to me. Included in the concept were: a central command and monitoring room that had views of all the training rooms, state of the art animatronic mannequins (including blood and heart beat) training station to simulate real life rescues, ambulance training, triage, emergency room training area, hazardous material emergency training, and classrooms. I have spent quite a bit time around the public safety industry, so I had many images in my head plus I grew up watching TV shows like Emergency and Rescue 911. I was ready to go!

I chose this view, a birds-eye semi-cut away perspective, because of the many rooms and activities to be depicted. Creating the murals on the side and back walls was fun.


I took these photos of my Brother-in-law, Jay Updyke and the fire trucks he used to drive as a volunteer fireman for the Piney Grove Fire Department in North Carolina. He now lives in Georgia and flies for Delta Airlines.

Trivia Challenge:

What were the character names of the two paramedics in the TV show "Emergency"?

What was the squad number for their truck?

What was the name of the hospital from "Emergency"

What was the chief doctor's name?

What was the nurse's name?

Who hosted the TV show "Rescue 911"?

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How did you do?


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