Hollywood Comes to Delray Beach Part Two

This was a proposed waterfall garden between the large garage and main house






                                                              The living room as seen from the second floor. Nice view!



About a year later another article showed up in the paper. The crime was solved. The perp was  in jail for another crime and spilled the beans to another inmate; so much for keeping secrets while you are in the pokey. It seems this guy was in major debt and he dreamed up this crime to try to hit pay-dirt. He was working for, of all things, a security systems contractor on the couples' home. So much for background checks! Oh yea, he was in jail for trying to extort money from his own Grandfather who had cut him out of his will.

This is the library with large built-in wall unit and aquarium

This is the large garage, it was to be used as a private museum to display all the homeowners new toys. The east section contained a hurricane safe room elevated up one story. I told you Elvis is alive!

This story isn't over yet! The house never was completed and lived in. It had a hefty price tag of over $13 million, which was to pricey for its location. That was more fitting for Palm Beach to the north. A young developer bought the house and property to be subdivided into 3 lots and build 3 mini estates (over 10,000 sq. ft. each-- still huge).The only problem was it was going to cost a fortune to tear down the existing house.


Enter Hollywood. The developer contacted some movie company and made arrangements to have the house featured in a big screen movie. I heard rumors about this and all but forgot about it until one evening my wife and I rented a movie... Half way thru this action film a scene came on showing a helicopter flying toward a beach front mansion... "That's the house!" I blurted out.


Ok, this is the fun part. I'm not going to tell you anymore. If you know this movie or have a guess, contact me with your answer. I have provided pictures of the house that are ample clues because some of these areas were   featured in the scenes. Finally, let me know the one thing in the movie that was unusual about the helicopter view of the house-- remember it was built in Florida.

One last hint...Boom!

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This was to be part of the children's play area in the basement. It was designed with a diner theme.