Designing the Ultimate Dive Boat

Caribbean Reef Shark

My interest in scuba diving was sparked by watching the Jacques Cousteau adventure specials on TV back in the late sixties and early seventies. Jacques-Yves was an extraordinary explorer and filmmaker who traveled the world's oceans in an old leased ship called the "Calypso" doing research on the seas and its life. I believe he and his crew have done more to launch environmental awareness than anyone else.

Jacques was the co-developer of the aqua-lung which gave man the ability to breathe and work underwater. I was fascinated at all the cool technical diving equipment he would use in his documentaries. His air tanks and dive suits looked like something out of a science fiction movie. I would imagine myself being part of his team swimming with sharks, dolphins, whales and making new discoveries.




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 This is the boats logo

Most of those dreams have come true for me. I learned to scuba dive and been fortunate to travel to some of the exotic locals that Cousteau had explored like Fiji, Micronesia, and the barrier reef of Belize. I have photographed sharks and marine life of all varieties. I have logged over 600 hours underwater and every dive is an adventure.

A few years ago my wife Edrianna, a scuba Instructor Trainer for PADI, trained a student, Don Townsend, who went on to become a Technical Diving Instructor. Technical diving involves deep water diving, cave diving,  deep wreck diving, diving with special air mixtures, and involves more complicated equipment and skills. It is way more challenging than recreational diving.

 Don went to work for a large Technical Diving School in the South Florida area. I ended up designing a few t-shirts and graphics for the school. His bosses had an idea for the ultimate dive boat. They had no intention to build it, just incorporate it in a t-shirt for promotion of the school. They gave me the specifications and I was to come up with the design. Oh boy, the Calypso of the future!

 Rough elevation profile for the boat

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