Multi-Family Residences

Multi-family residences include condominiums, townhouses and villas. The samples shown are of projects that range from small attached living units to large hi-rise buildings. The development boom took off in the 1960's and with the cost of land skyrocketing it made since for developers to get as many people on a small hunk of land as possible. Many people that move to Florida come from large cities and are accustomed to living in dense quarters.

Keep in mind most of these buildings are not to shabby to live in. Many are on the ocean or golf courses. Amenities include tennis courts, swimming pools, lap pools, exercise rooms, health spas, 24 hour security, valet parking and shopping. Many of the large condos are now built with 2 story penthouse villas on the upper floor complete with swimming pools and roof top gardens.    



Proposed condo, Orlando Florida

Condo, Jupiter, Florida

Condo, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Townhouses, Palm Beach, Florida

Townhouses, Palm Beach, Florida

Townhouses, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Villas, Delray Beach, Florida

Townhouses and villas as shown in the two images above are more of the norm in Florida these days. More average income families live in the area.

 Condos, Northeast Florida

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