Castles in France                   

Le Domaine


About the time that Euro Disney was in the planning stages near Paris, France  in the early 1990's, many land developers from the United States were eyeing the area for opportunities for projects. One of my architect clients brought me in on my first European job. The proposal was for two planned developments that included multi-family units, hotels and retail shopping. The theme was for the buildings to be a hybrid design taken from centuries old architecture in the  neighboring towns. There was much controversy about the U.S. coming in to the country at the time. Disney did succeed with their theme park in the end. The projects I worked on never came to fruition but they were fun to illustrate.



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These townhouse units were to be built on the side of a hill with breathe taking views of a lake.

At the top of the hill was a proposed shopping village. Even further up was to be a hotel. 

This Project was to be called "Castelas" which I'm guessing is French for castles. Two years of high school French down the drain.

 The second project was called Le Domaine. It was to be mixed use like the above development, except the hotel was to be designed as an old castle.


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