Greeting Cards

Remember how impressed your mom was when you gave her a hand made card at Mother's Day? My Mom was and she knew that someday I'd be an artist.



On the other hand, I don't know what my Dad thought.


Just kidding-- He was just as encouraging.


I dug these cards out of an old scrapbook to show you anyone can develop artistic talent.

The collection on this page is of various illustrations done specifically for use on greeting cards, Christmas cards and invitations. With today's technology, it's easy to take your artwork and create and print cards from your home computer.


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Greeting cards with drawings of your home add a personal touch.

This card shows two houses my Aunt and Uncle lived in over the years.

This was a very interesting home. The owner converted an old barn into a residence.

This sketch was done for my sister, Cindy for her wedding invitation

 This gazebo illustration was used on my wedding invitation. My wife, Edrianna and I were married in a park.

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