Resort Renderings

These are black & white architectural renderings produced by me, Jim Stilwell. The projects span exotic locals all over the world. Some of the designs were actually built and some were concepts. They range from simple hotels to mega- resorts. Maybe you have been to some of these places. These projects are very fun to work on because I get to depict a lot of people engaged in a variety of exciting activities. I also get to make up a bunch of stuff.



















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Proposed resort in Columbia, South America

 Proposed resort in the Bahamas


Resort presently underway in Orlando, Florida


This resort was proposed in Lantana, Florida a few years ago.

This Hotel was built in Ecuador.

Proposed Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

 This was the original concept for the Orlando project shown earlier.


Famous Pier 66 resort in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Resort built in the Caribbean. I forget which island it was.

Resort and marina built at West End, Grand Bahamas. Unfortunatly destroyed by a hurricane. They have built a new resort since then.

I believe these two project were proposed in the Caribbean also and I don't remember the specific islands.


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