Earlier Work

I wanted to share some of my earlier paintings and illustrations. I experimented with different medium and techniques. I also made lots of messes that are now gracing the landfill art gallery. My advice to artists just starting out is practice, practice, practice. Also, pick subject matter that is of interest to you. You will eventually gravitate to the type of art you really enjoy and improve with everything you do. 



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My first building illustration.  For more, visit: About the About the Artist

This mill painting was done with opaque watercolor paint.

  This lighthouse was drawn with pen and ink on watercolor paper

 My first new car, a yellow Pontiac Firebird. I painted it with opaque watercolor on colored mat board.

  Lobster shack. Pen and ink on bristol board.

F-14 fighter jet model. I built many model cars and planes as a kid, but this was the first time a spent many hours painting and detailing one to give it an authentic look.

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