Currents Magazine

This illustration was commissioned by IBM for the July, 1984 cover of their magazine called Currents.


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IBM was based in Boca Raton, Florida for many years. An art director friend of mine gave me a referral to IBM's art director who was looking to have a cover piece created that involved architecture. The assignment was to create an imaginary city and feature one of IBM's newest computers at that time, the series 1 in the center, as if it were a high rise office building. They gave me complete license to create anything I wanted within that guideline and that's what any artist wants to hear. My original concept sketch included a building on fire with fire trucks in the street and I showed King Kong climbing up to the top of the computer building. They said do whatever you want!

I remembered I wasn't 10 years old anymore and since I didn't want my artist license revoked, I cleaned up the rough sketch (I did sneak in a helicopter). Anyway, this project was tons of fun to work on. I think IBM is up to series 1,000 by now.

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