This illustration was commissioned by Nuveen's Education Group based in Chicago, Illinois. They finance many colleges and universities in the United States. The artwork was used in a corporate brochure in 1987.


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This was probably one of the most interesting and fun projects of my career so far. The art director for Nuveen's advertising agency sent me over 40 photographs of college and university buildings financed by Nuveen all over this country. My assignment was to create one large campus or multiversity with all the individual buildings. The design was left totally up to me and I tell you I was slightly intimidated. After a mild panic attack I kicked my creativity into overdrive. If you ever played a card game called 51 Pick-up; the task was easy. I shuffled the stack of photos and scattered them all over the floor. No kidding!

After a few adjustments to give this illustration some consistency, I produced a rough sketch. I faxed it in several pieces to Chicago (the only technology at the time). The art director responded back with no changes, unbelievable! The finished rendering was done with a loose style which helped blend the varied styles of architecture together. The ink base drawing was over 40 inches wide and colored with color markers on black line blueprint paper (an earlier technique I used before watercolor). The finished brochure folded out to 36 inches.

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