Fun Park

Everyone loves an amusement park, the exhilarating rides, games and food. Of course it's best to experience all the spinning, negative and positive G's before you eat...if you know what I mean.

Along with the ever growing entertainment park industry are small fun parks. These are the ones that are right in your neighborhood, go-cart racing, putt-putt golf, video games, laser tag and much more. Many of the new facilities are combining many activities to appeal to the whole family.

I had the opportunity to work on a marketing brochure for such a park in my home town. It's called Boomers.


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This reminds me of a Hamster habitat for kids

Bumper boats

 The 18 hole putt-putt was built with massive rock waterfalls and surrounded by a meandering river. If you hit your ball to hard, you have to go fishing for it(from personal experience).






You just have to have the latest in video games.

They never built the planned roller rink. I think roller skating was replaced with laser tag and rock climbing wall.

 The illustrations were loose sketches with watercolor. I wanted to achieve the feeling of children's book artwork.

Fun Facts

The largest indoor amusement park is located in Canada.

Tokyo Disneyland is the world's most visited theme park.

Six Flags New Jersey has the most amusement park rides.

Funnel cake is the most popular theme park food.

Connecticut has the world's oldest amusement park.

Walt Disney World is the largest theme park by acreage.

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