Cat and Mouse

My big Brother, Tom, works in the computer industry. He's the techie in the family and always keeps me up to date on anything wired. When we were growing up he was always building electronic gadgets or modifying existing ones. His desk looked like a Radio Shack store that suffered an earthquake: parts were strewn all over the place.  He had a real knack and I thought he'd be working for the CIA someday building bugs or other James Bond spy stuff. 

Instead of the CIA, Tom works for CBM of America which I consider to be just as important.

They purchase used computer equipment, refurbish and upgrade it, then resell it; they were Green before Green was cool because of their recycling efforts. I've had the opportunity to do a few projects for him one of which is this series of cartoons.


Any time I can take the opportunity to break away from architecture for a while and venture into other types of artwork is fun. I've always enjoyed cartooning because it lets the goofy guy out of me. I remember drawing cartoon characters when I was a kid and even submitted a couple to a magazine called Cartoons. It featured fun stories and cartoons with automobile themes. When I was young, Mad Magazine was another magazine I wished I could work for when I grew up. Through the years I have created some original characters including these two mascots, the cat and mouse, for CBM. They used these images for t-shirts, mugs, and other advertising.

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This cartoon was a variation of the one at the top of the page

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