- If you would like Vietnamese courses on Livemocha vote here in their poll.

Wikipedia Vietnamese
- Covers everything related to the Vietnamese language.
Learning Vietnamese from scratch
- A talented linguist describes how he learnt Vietnamese in 5 days. A video with him discussing this is available here.
Vietnamese: Languages of South East Asia
- Interesting video with a linguist and two native speakers from North & South Vietnam discussing the Vietnamese language, literature, learning strategies and learning materials.
What makes Vietnamese so Chinese?
- A paper exploring similarites between Vietnamese and Chinese, and other languages.
About Vietnamese by Pisith Phlong
- Information about the history of Vietnamese, comparisons with other languages, dialects, script etc.
UCLA Vietnamese profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Vietnamese.
A Guide to the Study of Southeast Asian Languages by E. Riddle, K. Carpenter, C. J. Compton & J. Wheatley, 2000
- Great article with loads of advice on learning a language, strategies, learning different skills, maintaining a language etc.
Vietnamese Language Learning Framework by B. N. Ngo & B. H. tran, 2001
- Interesting long article covering grammar, phonology, dialects, how one should go about learning Vietnamese at different skill levels, difficulties in learning it, politeness levels and Vietnamese culture.
Wrestling with the Vietnamese language by Antonio Graceffo
- The author's experience of learning Vietnamese, how foreigners cope in Vietnam & comparisons with other Asian languages.
Learning Vietnamese from North to South by Antonio Graceffo
- Article about the two main dialects of Vietnamese and how learners should approach which one to learn.
Transparent Vietnamese
- Overview of the language, pronunciation, alphabet, politeness levels, vocab and grammar.
Languages of the World Vietnamese
- Concise article on dialects, phonology, grammar and writing.

FSI Vietnamese
- Very thorough and useful course that will take you to a high level. For serious learners of Vietnamese.
Le Vietnamien online Only available in French
- Multimedia course teaching grammar & vocabulary through repetition, dialogues, exercises and audio.
TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese
- Fantastic, huge course that teaches Vietnamese through videos and loads of exercises. A Moodle version is available here.
Spoken Vietnamese
- Comprehensive beginner's course with various activities, audio and learning material.
- Several courses for learning Vietnamese as well as additional resources such as quizzes, vocabulary lists etc.
Studying Vietnamese through English BROKEN LINK
- An online textbook with audio, dialogues, exercises and grammar explanations.
L-Lingo Vietnamese Available in English, French, German & Spanish
- Interactive course with 40 lessons using pictures, audio and exercises to teach Vietnamese phrases and vocabulary.
Learning Vietnamese language online
- Several courses to improve your Vietnamese by reading & listening, from songs, from videos, review activities, idioms & slang.

Quick Vietnamese for tourists
- A 7 lessons introduction to Vietnamese
SEAsite Vietnamese
- Information on Vietnam, culture, travel and food vocab.
Vietnam Adventures
- Downloadable Shockwave course teaching basic words and phrases.
Byki Lite Vietnamese
- Trial flashcard program with Vietnamese words to learn.
Bud Brown teaches Vietnamese
- A series of videos teaching you some basic Vietnamese.
Field Support Online
- Vietnamese basic phrasebook with audio available to download, some specific to the military.
Digital Dialects
- Multimedia games for learning numbers, colours and vocabulary in Vietnamese.
Vietnamese for Beginners
- 25 videos teaching the Vietnamese alphabet, pronunciation, tones, basic grammar and vocabulary. Nice resource.
Learn Vietnamese BROKEN LINK
- 26 lessons teaching Vietnamese with conversations, grammar and exercises. No audio.

North Vietnamese expressions by the Defense Language Institute PDF RELEASE PENDING
- A glossary of frequently used words in the North Vietnamese dialect.
Vietnamese Military Flashcards by the Defense Language Institute PDF RELEASE PENDING
- Vocabulary relating the the armed forces.
Vietnamese online grammar  BROKEN LINK
- A comprehensive group e-book on Vietnamese grammar. (warning: still incomplete)
Vietnamese Phrasebook & Dictionary by V. A. Berlitz, 2005 BROKEN LINK
- This e-book can be viewed online or downloaded as a textfile if you click 'add to bookbag'.
ベトナム語研修テキスト (Vietnamese Language Training Textbook) by K. Kawamoto, 1980 (no. A119-122)
ベトナム語研修テキスト (Vietnamese Language Training Textbook) by H. Kurihara, 1989 (no. A189-190)
ベトナム語研修テキスト (Vietnamese Language Training Textbook) by K. Tomita, 2003 (no. A844-847)
ベトナム語研修テキスト (Vietnamese Language Training Textbook) by H. Kurihara, 2005 (no. A912-913)
- Some complimentary copies of these books may be available from the university if you e-mail them.

- Teaches situational Vietnamese through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's lessons and advanced audio blogs available so far.
Survival phrases
- 10 lessons available free, 50 more available to pay for.
World Nomads Vietnamese
- A 14 minute podcast teaching basic Vietnamese words & phrases as well as a 100 word phrasebook you can use on your iPod.

VIEX forum
- Forum about Vietnam and Vietnamese language exchanges.
Unilang Vietnamese
- Small but fairly active forum with threads about learning Vietnamese and learning resources.
Learn Vietnamese Through Music
- Focuses on learning Vietnamese through lyrics and translations of Vietnamese songs but also has subforums for discussing the language and sharing learning resources.

Seahorse Viet
- Great blog teaching Vietnamese grammar, phrases through comics, audio, video etc. Currently on hiatus.
Chicken Soup Stories  BROKEN LINK
- Short stories in English and Vietnamese.
Learning Vietnamese in Eight Months  BROKEN LINK
- One bloggers challenge to intensively learn Vietnamese using only internet resources and become an interpreter.
Tôi không hiểu Tiếng Việt BROKEN LINK
- New blog by a learner writing about her progress learning Vietnamese.

Authentic Materials
- The Yahoo of Vietnam with 100,000+ links.
Joe's blog  BROKEN LINK
- Possibly the most popular Vietnamese blog by a foreigner. Try out your Vietnamese reading when you're at an advanced level.

Vietnamese downloads
- Several downloads available to help you view and type Vietnamese on your computer.
- A downloadable Vietnamese keyboard.