Sindhi by J. Cole, 2001
- Long essay on the language, grammar, phonology, dialects, relationship to other languages and current state.
Sindhi by J. Cole, 2005
- Info about the Sindhi language, grammar, phonology & current status.
The Sindhi Language by J. Cole, 2006
- Info about the history, dialects, grammar, phonology and languages related to Sindhi.
Wikipedia Sindhi
- Basic info on the history of Sindhi, phonology, writing system, Arabic influence on Sindhi and links.
What's special about the Sindhi language & why you should care by J. Cole
- Interesting presentation on the history of Sindhi, scripts used to write Sindhi, basic grammar, culture & language preservation.
Sindhi Language & Literature: Current Trends
- Essay on the history of Sindhi literature & language and its status in India & Pakistan
Omniglot Sindhi
- Info on Sindhi scripts & their origin, with a chart of letters in the Perso-Arabic & Devanagari scripts used to write Sindhi.

Let's Learn Sindhi
- Downloadable multimedia course with audio, vocabulary, conversations, grammar, script lessons and limited exercises.
Sindhi Online
- 3 lessons so far, with dialogs, grammar and exercises. Also has a small picture vocabulary section. Note: site is still in progress.

- A collection of Sindhi vocabulary in romanization.
Learn Sindhi
- 24 short lessons which presents vocabulary and sentences in Sindhi. Uses 2 scripts, scan quality is rather poor.
Sindhi Language
- Information on the language, history, script, and a collection of proverbs and vocabulary with audio & pictures.
Field Support Online
- Lots of Sindhi phrasebooks available to download with audio, some armed forces related.

Sindhi Online
- A chart of all the letters, showing each in different positions, exercises & example words. 

Grammar of the Sindhi Language by Dr. E. Trumpp, 1872
- Very thorough, descriptive grammar of Sindhi compared with Sanskrit and other Indian languages.

Phrasebase Sindhi
- Very small forum with only one thread. However, you may find some help if you post.

- Words and phrases in Sindhi with short podcasts for each.
Authentic Material
Glimpses of Sindhi World
- Poetry and prose in Sindhi and translated into English, with articles on Sindhi literature and poetry.
Sindhi Authors
- Biographies of prominent Sindhi authors and audio readings.
Sindhi Adabi Board Online Library
- Lots of books available to read online on a wide range of subjects.
Sindh TV News
- News and videos in Sindhi from Pakistan.

A Sindhi-English Dictionary by P. Mewaram, 1910
- Online searchable dictionary with script and romanization.
Sindhi-English Dictionary
- Searchable dictionary with script & romanization.
- A Firefox & Windows download for typing phonetically in the Devanagari Sindhi script. Simple & easy to use.  
Sindhi & Urdu
- Keyboard layout and downloadable fonts for typing in Sindhi (Perso-Arabic script).
Voice of Sindh, Majid Bhurgid's Homepage, Sindhi Unicode Fonts
- Different styles of Perso-Arabic Sindhi fonts to download.