Wikipedia Indonesian

- Lots of information on the grammar, phonology, history, linguistics etc.

Effective Ways to Study Bahasa Indonesian by S. Scherer

- Gives helpful advice for succeeding in learning Indonesian.

Indonesian & Javanese: Languages of South East Asia

- Interesting video with a linguist and a native speaker discussing the Indonesian & Javanese languages, their literature, learning strategies and learning material.

Bahasa Indonesia - Between FAQs & Facts by J. Tan

- A concise article that gives you the basic facts of Indonesian and dispels common myths and misunderstandings.

Why learn Indonesian

- An essay on the usefulness of the Indonesian language.

Omniglot Indonesian

- Information on the alphabet, pronunciation and language.

UCLA Indonesian profile

- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Indonesian.

About Indonesian by Pisith Phlong

- A concise essay about the history of Indonesian, comparisons with other languages, dialects, script etc.

A Guide to the Study of Southeast Asian Languages by E. Riddle, K. Carpenter, C. J. Compton & J. Wheatley, 2000

- Great article with loads of advice on learning a language, strategies, learning different skills, maintaining a language etc.

NVTC Indonesian

- A very concise article on Indonesian structure, writing & links.

Courses Beginners +

Beginning Indonesian from the University of Victoria, Canada

- A big course taught entirely in Indonesian with loads of exercises and pictures. Looks very useful but you may need some knowledge of Indonesian before starting.

TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese

- Huge course that teaches Indonesian through video and loads of exercises. A Moodle version is available here.

Indonesian in 7 days by M. Bordt & L. Seram

- A 7 lesson course on the basics of Indonesian with audio. Also has a dictionary & spellchecker on the original site here.

Hello Indonesia

- An mini e-course that uses audio to teach spoken Indonesian, as well as a vocabulary course and pronunciation pointers. Note: Free sign-up required.

Flirting in Indonesian

- A fun course on flirting that teaches basic Indonesian words, phrases & grammar.

Study Indonesian

- Several lessons with interactive exercises, dictionaries, pronunciation guide, games etc.

Courses Intermediate / Sustainment

GLOSS Indonesian

- Improve your Indonesian with intermediate listening and reading lessons from authentic texts.

Warung Sinema Need to view site through Internet Explorer

- A course based on clips from Indonesian films with lots of exercises. For intermediate to advanced students.

Indonesian Course from the Australian government

- A fun interactive course for Australian pupils with audio and cartoons. Some knowledge of Indonesian may be required.

Languages Online: Indonesian Topics

- Interactive activities on different topics for Australian pupils.


SEAsite Indonesian

- A nice collection of learning resources, including vocabulary, grammar, reading & conversation, as well as cultural info.

Expat Bahasa Indonesian

- Several articles on learning Indonesian and some survival phrases.

Field Support Online

- Lots of Indonesian language guides/phrasebooks available to download with audio, some armed forces related.

Indonesian 101

- An overview of Indonesian grammar & phonology, with an extensive vocabulary section arranged by topics.

Wikibooks Indonesian

- A well-structured though incomplete course on Indonesian. Lacking audio and advanced content.

Bahasa Kita

- A big website with useful phrases, cooking vocab, general vocab, grammar, a guide on Indonesian slang and more. Looks nice.

Digital Dialects

- Flash based games for learning Indonesian vocabulary.

Indonesian Easy

- A big online phrasebook, no audio unfortunately.

Indonesian Pronunciation

- A useful guide on Indonesian spelling and pronunciation (for English speakers).

The Indonesian Language from Bali: The Online Travel Guide

- A survival phrasebook with a guide on pronunciation.

Bintang Bahasa, Learn Indonesian (supplementary materials)

- Several free lessons with a dialogue/story based approach to painlessly teach Indonesian. There is supplementary material including comics, videos, film scripts and more at their sister site.

Indonesian Vocabulary at your Mailbox

- A yahoo group that will send you vocabulary lessons through e-mail if you sign-up.

Itty Bitty Indonesian Course

- 5 basic conversation lessons teaching around 80 common words, uses romanization.

LangMedia Indonesian

- Authentic videos demonstrating Indonesian in different situations.

Go Indonesia

- Although mainly a cultural resource this fun interactive map of Indonesia has language activities on the LOTE section of each island.

IELanguages: Indonesian Tutorial

- A nice, easy-to-understand tutorial on basic Indonesian

Indonesian101 videos

- Some nice videos for learning basic Indonesian. 7 videos so far.

Language Hub: Learning Indonesian Online & UH links

- Two sites with nice collections of links for Indonesian learners.

English-Indonesian Vocabulary Quizzes

- Online vocabulary quizzes on different topics.

Indonesian LOTE resources

- Interactive exercises for learning face-related vocabulary.

LingvoSoft Indonesian Phrasebook

- A phrasebook with audio on several topics.


- Comparative tutorials on Indonesian grammar, vocabulary, numbers etc.

Fire Mountain Wordshop

- Tongue twisters, linguistic puzzles, crosswords etc in Indonesian.

Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database

- 509 languages included, with around 210 basic vocabulary items for each, an interactive family tree and links.

Indonesian-English Quiz

- A multiple choice quiz for learning Indonesian vocabulary with over 800 questions.


Authentic Indonesian Readings II with Teacher's Edition & Student Activity Book by E. Rafferty, J. T. Collins, E. S. Barnard & D. Hiple, 1969

DLI Indonesian Basic Course: Djakarta Dialect 1970

DLI Indonesian I, II, III, Outline of Geography, Outline of History, Reader, XVII, The Indonesian Constitution, Acronyms & Abbreviations 1969-1973

- US military audio-lingual course, thorough and effective but unfortunately incomplete and lacking audio.

インドネシア語研修テキスト (Indonesian Language Training Textbook) by S. Morimura, 1988 (no. A177-179)

インドネシア語研修テキスト (Indonesian Language Training Textbook) by K. Miyazaki, 1990 (no. A196-198)

- Complimentary copies are sometimes available if you e-mail the university.

A Student's Reference Grammar of Modern Formal Indonesian by R. R. MacDonald & D. Soenjono, 1967

Beginning Indonesian Book 1 by I. Dyen

Beginning Indonesian Book 2 by I. Dyen

Beginning Indonesian Book 3 by I. Dyen

Beginning Indonesian Book 4 & glossary by I. Dyen

A Descriptive Indonesian Grammar by I. Dyen, 1967


Learning Indonesian

- A twice-weekly podcast with free study guides, it quizzes you on words and phrases in Indonesian.


- Teaches situational Indonesian through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's and survival phrases lessons and advanced audio blogs available so far.

World Nomads

- 1 lesson teaching basic survival phrases for travellers. Also includes a downloadable phrasebook with audio.

Survival Phrases Indonesian

- 10 lessons and PDF guides available free, 50 more to pay for.


Indonesian Language Learning Website

- Several lessons with grammar explanations, reading sections, activities, culture notes and vocabulary lists.

Your dream to learn Indonesian language

- Blog by a native speaker of Indonesian, with grammar explanations and phrases for specific situations.

Osho Indonesian & Malay

- Blog with resources for learning both languages, word lists, videos, slang, comparisons with other languages, cultural notes etc.

Bahasa Indonesia

- Several posts teaching you Indonesian with sample sentences, phrases and vocabulary. Seems to be discontinued. Note: Only available in Japanese.


Unilang Indonesian/Malay

- A fairly active forum with lots of useful threads for both Indonesian and Malay.

Phrasebase Indonesian, Archive

- A fairly big forum with a variety of different topics.

Authentic Materials

Indonesian television programs

- Videos of influential TV programs and drama series available to view online.

BBC Indonesian, Deutsche Welle, CRI, NHK, VOA, KBS

- News, radio and television (on VOA & KBS) in Indonesian.

SBS Radio

- Radio and podcasts about culture, news, science, entertainment; lots of interesting material.

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