Wikipedia Dutch
- Everything to do with the Dutch language, including misconceptions and the relation to Afrikaans.
UCLA Dutch profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Dutch.
About Dutch by Pisith Phlong
- Information about the history of Dutch, comparisons with other languages, dialects, script etc.
Double Dutch
- Essay on the difficulties of Dutch.
Learning Dutch and how to survive it
- Personal post on different ways to approach Dutch learning.
Transparent Dutch
- Overview of the language, vocab, politeness levels and grammar.

IGLO Dutch (Intercomprehension in Germanic Languages Online) DEAD LINK
- A great course based on reading comprehension with exercises and a grammar section. NOTE: This course is no longer available but you can see a sample lesson here.
Learn Dutch
- A crash course & a picture-based course with audio for beginners.
Taalthuis online Dutch course
- Beginner and intermediate courses with audio, grammar reference, tests, info on Dutch culture etc.
Integral Dutch course for foreigners
- In depth course with audio covering essential grammar & vocab, with lots of exercises. Homepage here.
Welkom Only available in German
- Online Dutch course with exercises, audio, grammar, dialogues, phrases etc.
- Video lessons for learning Dutch, videos about Dutch culture and videos in Dutch with multiple subtitles for improving your listening.
Livemocha Dutch
- Teaches almost entirely in Dutch through audio and pictures. Lots of activities and an active community.
Introduction to Dutch by lyzazel
- 5 lessons introducing the language with lots of exercises, teaches you to construct your own sentences for basic conversation.

Comparative Dutch tutorials
- Compares Dutch with English, German & Swedish. Useful for those who already know a Germanic language or want to learn another.
Hear Dutch Here
- Lots of information on Dutch: basic grammar, pronunciation, common vocabulary with pictures and audio, lessons, advice on learning Dutch, poetry, essays and more.
Goethe tests
- Loads of useful tests; great for brushing up on your Dutch.
Dutch 101
- An online phrasebook with lots of useful words and phrases.
Dutch for beginners
- Vocabulary lists and verb guides.
Dutch grammar
- Explanations of Dutch grammar, grammar podcast, forum, lots of useful links, reviews of Dutch books etc.
Study Dutch at UCL
- Includes reasons to study Dutch and a Dutch taster course.
Test your Dutch  DEAD LINK
- A little game to test your knowledge of Dutch words.
Internet Polyglot Dutch - English & English - Dutch
- Over 50 interactive games with audio for learning vocabulary.
Digital Dialects Dutch
- Flash based exercises for learning some basic vocabulary.
Word Reference Links
- Frequently updated links collections with loads of great sites.
- Downloadable diagnostic exercises in reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary to find out your level in Dutch.
Transparent Language Dutch
- Proficiency test, word seek vocab game, Dutch phrases and free vocab software.
Acht Voor Taal
- A Dutch course for kids with 7 lessons, exercises, pictures and a test. No audio unfortunately but still a nice site.
Speak Dutch
- Comprehensive grammar lessons with exercises and a small vocabulary section.
Dutch tutorials
- Accessible tutorials on grammar and vocab. Beginning & intermediate levels.
Dutch self-study packs
- Dutch courses on literature, language, poetry, linguistics etc.
Dutch today
- Lots of exercises, tutorials, grammatical notes & vocabulary notes for a student of Dutch. Free registration required.
Wikibooks Dutch
- A surprisingly comprehensive textbooks with 23 lessons for beginners. Mainly grammar based with audio, exercises, cultural lessons on songs, poetry etc. and a phrasebook.
Unilang Dutch for Beginners
- A 10 lesson course on basic grammar with exercises. No audio unfortunately.
Голландский язык Only available in Russian
- Beginners course in 12 lessons with dialogues, grammar tutorials, wordlists and lots of exercises. No audio.
Gramlink-Néerlandais Only available in French
- An interactive site teaching Dutch grammar with flash animations and exercises.
Slowka niderlandzski Only available in Polish
- Several short lessons for basic Dutch, words and phrases with audio, forum and a vocab course via e-mail.
REAL - Reading and Listening Strategies for 18+ Learners
- Downloadable software to improve a student's reading & listening skills in Dutch.
Dutch Flashcards
- Online flashcard program with sound, lots of exercises, sentences and texts. Looks promising.
- Interactive quizzes on Dutch vocabulary and grammar points, such as plurals and articles. There are also articles on learning Dutch, Dutch spelling etc.

Learner's grammar of Dutch by A. de Vies, R. Vismans & C. Sas, 2005
- Comprehensive university grammar book. 
Integral Dutch course
- Really big grammar based course with lots of exercises.
History of Dutch
- Comprehensive book on the history of the Dutch language, from before 700AD to modern times.
A Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs: Comprising French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish by H. G. Bohn, 1857
- Some of the proverbs may be a bit out-of-date.
H. G. Olendorff's Neue Methode by H. G. Olendorff & J. Gambs, 1864 (Learn Dutch through German)
- A popular method from the 19th century which works by constantly eliciting responses from a student.
Advanced Dutch Grammar
- Grammar for intermediate and advances students with exercises accompanying each section
Browse more Dutch e-books in the language e-books section

- Teaches situational Dutch through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's and survival phrases lessons and advanced audio blogs available.
Laura speaks Dutch
- Well-reviewed podcasts teaching basic Dutch words & phrases. Now more than 50 episodes!
One Minute Dutch
- Learn the very basics of Dutch in 1 minute lessons.
World Nomads - Traveller's Language Guide
- 1 episode teaching travel phrases to get by in the Netherlands. Includes a transcript and free app for iPhone & iPod touch.

Unilang Dutch
- Fairly active forum for Dutch learners.
Word Reference Dutch
- Very active forum with discussions on learning Dutch, Dutch vocab and internet resources.
Phrasebase Dutch
- Fairly large forum with topics on learning Dutch, lesson and links.
- Reddit forum for Dutch learners. Active with lots of useful threads.

Transparent: Dutch Blog
- Long-running blog about the Dutch language, culture, grammar, vocabulary, information on living in Holland and more.
Say it in Dutch
- Blog with Dutch phrases & idioms with audio.

Authentic Material
- Dutch Wikipeda with more than 678,000 articles.

- Downloadable and online searchable two-way Dutch dictionary.

- Interactive practical and grammatical exercises for all levels of Dutch.