Korean review

- Covers difficulties, culture, learning resources, grammar, vocabulary etc.

Wikipedia Korean

- Thorough article on all aspects of Korean language.

UCLA Korean profile

- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Korean.

Learning Korean

- An upbeat article with helpful advice.

Omniglot Korean

- Lots of info on the Korean script, its history, a chart of all the letters and a collection of links.

Transparent Korean

- Overview of the language, vocab, politeness levels, grammar and alphabet.

Languages of the World Korean

- Concise article on Korean dialects, phonology, grammar, politeness levels, vocabulary and writing.

Courses Beginners/Basic+

My Korean 1 & My Korean 2 by Young-A Cho, In-Jung Cho and Douglas Ling, 2009

- Great in-depth textbooks with audio that take you from absolute beginners, with cartoon dialogues, varied exercises, grammar notes, listening exercises and more.

Sogang Korean

- A very professional website that teaches introductory to intermediate Korean with loads of content.

FSI Korean

- Thorough, effective courses with lots of audio & drills, developed by US government, unfortunately uses romanization. Focuses on more formal language.

Teen Korean Available in English, Chinese, Japanese & Russian

- Website designed for teenagers studying Korean but can be used by anyone. Multimedia lessons & a progress tracker, free registration required.

Click Korean

- Interactive course with 20 lessons including vocabulary, dialogues, grammar, reading practice & culture. Looks nice.


- Korean lessons from beginners to upper-intermediate with tests & listening & reading practice. Free registration required.

Korean Language Institute

- A university course with audio, exercises, grammar etc for learning basic Korean.

Pathway to Korean

- Teaches spoken Korean with lots of audio.

결혼 이민자를 위한 한국어 자료입니다

- Intended for immigrants married to Koreans, teaches through Korean using pictures. Basic to intermediate books with mp3s.

東外大言語モジュール Only available in Japanese

- Huge course that teaches Korean through video and loads of exercises. A Moodle version is available here.

ALC 韓国語学習 Only available in Japanese

- Several courses available including beginner's course, Korean from movies, writing system etc.

在线韩国语教室 Only available in simplified Chinese

- Basic to advanced lessons with audio, dialogues, tests, grammar and vocabulary. Free registration required.

L-Lingo Korean Available in English, French, German & Spanish

- Interactive course with 40 lessons using pictures, audio and exercises to teach Korean phrases and vocabulary.

LiveMocha Korean

- Teaches entirely in Korean through audio and pictures. Lots of activities and an active community.

Courses Intermediate+/Sustainment

Intermediate College Korean

- A fantastic resource that teaches using dialogues, exercises, audio.

Korean Language Adventure

- Reading, conversation & exercise sections with great explanations and cute graphics. Free registration required.

Korean sustainment & enhancement

- Aims to improve a student's listening & reading skills and grammar knowledge.

GLOSS Korean by the Defense Language Institute

- Improve your Korean with lessons on listening and reading comprehension. Beginning to intermediate level. Has lessons on Korean from North and South Korea.

Weekly Training Events by the Defense Language Institute

- Improve your Korean with listening & reading lessons from authentic material. Intermediate and beyond level.

Korean Pictorial Exercises

- Lots of varied exercises using pictures for beginning to advanced learners of Korean.


An introduction to Korean

- Lots of tutorials on grammar, pronunciation and Hangul.


- Reference lessons on grammar and vocabulary.

Dr Oh's Korean class

- Revision notes on grammar, hanja & vocab.

College Korean

- Supplementary materials for the textbook 'College Korean'.

Genki Korean

- Games for learning some basic Korean.

Field Support Online

- A downloadable phrasebook with audio for basic Korean, some vocab specific to the military.

Free Korean Lessons by Leon

- A great overview of Korea politeness, grammar, sounds, numbers and other tricky parts.

韓国語無料学習 Only available in Japanese

- 9 beginner's lessons, a course for preparing for Korean exams, and a collection of Korean proverbs.

Transparent Korean

- Quizzes, games survival phrases with audio and vocab software to download.

KLEAR Integrated Korean Beginning 1

- Audio files for the popular Integrated Korean textbook.


- Study vocabulary with flashcard quizzes, lots of different lists available. Also includes grammar guides and a sentence ending list.

Word Showers

- Learn vocabulary in groups of 10 using Korean-English & English-Korean mp3s. Words are split grammatically & topically.

Life in Korea

- A huge section for survival Korean phrases and Korean vocabulary, with technical words included.

KBS Let's Learn Korean Available in En, De, Es, Fr, Ar, Ch, Jp, Ru, In

- A big phrasebook with Korean expressions and dialogues for travellers. Uses audio & flash presentations with vocab lists.

KBS Let's Learn Korean NEW Available in En, De, Es, Fr, Ar, Ch, Jp, Ru, Ind & Viet

- New version with 20 lessons introducing vocabulary, expressions & dialogues with short audio segments explaining each phrase.

Cours de coréen Only available in French

- Alphabet lessons and 7 lessons with texts, vocab & grammar, as well as a list of 1800 hanja & conversation phrases.

Korean Flashcards

- Online flashcard system with sound, sentences and text.

Korean Multimedia Dictionary

- Collection of 400+ words with pictures and audio, arranged by topics, nice for supplementing your vocabulary.

Korean Grammar Database

- A grammar reference for looking up Korean grammar constructions, includes example sentences and brief explanations.

Korean Wiki Project

- Lots of info on hangeul, grammar patterns, vocabulary, slang, proverbs, idioms, learning resources, hanja and loads more.

Easy to Learn Korean Words and Phrases from The Korea Times

- Short, phrasebook style guides to vocabulary in different situations, with cute illustrations and culture notes.

Matthew's Korean Study and Reference Guide

- Large collection of phrases and sentences for topics ranging from onomatopoeia to drinking & compliments, as well as some grammar.

Yes Korean

- Text lessons teaching everyday Korean for beginners, with basic grammar, phrases useful for everyday life, dialogues and vocabulary lists.

90 Day Korean - Korean Resources

- Nice list of web resources for the Korean language, including dictionaries, textbooks, tests, grammar, pronunciation etc. with notes on each website.

Hanja and Hangul

Neo's Hanja

- A downloadable program for learning Hanja and Korean vocabulary.

Korean alphabet

- Flash lessons for learning Hangul with pictures and audio. Nice presentation.

Korean orthography

- Thorough Wiki book on Hangul, with stroke order, help on writing and exercises.

Introduction to the Korean Alphabet

- Gradually teaches letters from the Korean alphabet, with exercises and some audio.

Hanja lessons

- Introduces the 30 most common Hanja with examples.

Korean through English

- 10 lessons thoroughly introducing Hangul with audio and reading practice. Also teaches basic grammar & vocabulary.

Learn Korean

- A simple quiz to test yourself on the Hangul.

Hangul Forest

- Information on how Hangul is put together & pronunciation rules such as liason. Also includes basic gramar, expressions & wordlists.


Korean language & culture by Waunita Kinoshita, 1995

- A teacher's manual and student exercise book for 19 classroom based lessons. Could be useful to a self-learner though.

Browse more Korean language e-books here.



- Many lessons for different levels, takes apart dialogues and teaches vocab & grammar.

The Kimchi girls

- Popular podcasts explaining common grammar problems in Korean. Beginner and intermediate levels.

チョアヨ!韓国 Only available in Japanese

- Chatty hosts teach Korean effectively through conversations, grammar explanations, free transcripts and listen-and-repeat sections.

Talk To Me In Korean

- New podcast with free pdf notes, explains the basics in detail for new learners, & includes some advanced material. Looks promising.

ハンケヘヨ コリア Only available in Japanese

- Short podcasts explaining common Korean phrases and vocabulary.

大韓風 - 2 (2006), 大韓風 - 1 (2008) (extra material 1, 2 & 3)

- Learn basic Korean words and phrases for everyday life. Note: Only available in Cantonese.

Sparkling Korean

- Useful podcasts on different topics with good explanations. English accent is a bit difficult to understand at first.

ピンとくるドラマ韓国語, video recaps Only available in Japanese

- Short podcasts looking at scenes from popular Korean dramas, and explaining the phrases, with videos from the dramas & notes.

Survival phrases

- 10 lessons available free, 50 more available to pay for.


Let's Speak Korean Season 1, 1-60

- Fairly old now, but still useful. The 2 teachers teach basic expressions using cartoon and skits. Hangul used throughout.

Let's Speak Korean Season 2 1-25, 10-180 (missing), 181-183, 184-260

- A video course with loads of episodes. An excellent resource but you will need to know Hangul to catch all the expressions.

Let's Speak Korean Season 3, 1-130

- New season with 10 minute episodes teaching Korean expressions. Nice as a supplement to your Korean studies.

Let's Speak Korean Season 4 ep 1, 2-12, 16, 31-65

- Teaches Korean through a mini drama with phrases and grammar explained by the presenters. The language taught is a bit more advanced than previous seasons. Unfortunately not yet complete.

Seemile - Learn Asian Language Available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese

- Lots of videos teaching Korean grammar, conversation, basic phrases, Hangul and more. Teaching format is a native speaker teacher and a blackboard.

Traveler's Korean Season 1, 2 Available in En, Jp, Zh & Sp

- Video course teaching basic travel expressions, also gives tips on Korean pronunciation, culture & customs.


Learn Korean forums

- Forums about the Korean language, book reviews, life in Korea etc. Free registration required.

The Korean Forums at paperwindow

- Large forums about Korean language, grammar, learning resources, culture, media etc.

언어와 인생

- A place to practise your Korean and ask questions about it.

ezCorean forums

- Korean language, grammar, vocabulary etc. Still a bit small.

Learn Korean Now

- Forums for beginner's grammar, vocabulary, translation and practising Korean.


- Forums for the podcast, practising Korean, discussion about the language, culture, films, music, travel etc.

Unilang Korean

- Small forum with Korean lessons and some useful topics about language resources.


Korean language notes

- Blog on the Korean language from an advanced learner of Korean.

Let's learn Korean

- A group blog about studying Korean. Lots of useful posts with advice and reviews of language learning material.

KoreanClass101 blog

- Lots of posts on Korean music, culture, humour, life in Korea, real life examples of written Korean, the language, vocabulary, videos etc.


- Blog about learning Korean with big links section.

Life is a Journey

- Lots of posts about the author's progress in learning Korean & Japanese, translating, language learning methods and more. Most of the posts are personal but very interesting.

Park's guide to Korean

- Korean grammar for smart learners.


- Blog by a Korean teacher with posts on the Korean language, music, movies, dramas, culture, travel, food etc. Also has free study materials and ebooks, although you need to be a member to download.

My Linguistics

- The experiences of the author in learning Korean, includes links for language websites and posts on other languages too.

매튜의 한국어 연습 블로그

- Because Korean language self studying isn't that lame, right? Tips on learning Korean, study material reviews, grammar notes etc.

Daily Dose of Hangul

- Blogging my passion to learn Korean (한국어) and Hangul (한글).

Hangukdrama and Korean

- Blog on linguistics, learning Korean, Korean drama & entertainment.

Transparent: Korean blog

- Regular posts on Korean cuisine, culture, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, history and more.

Authentic Material

Korean Lab

- Lots of graded readers for primary and secondary school children, with audio and exercises.


Viewing Korean on the internet

- Scroll down to find a comprehensive tutorial on viewing Korean on any Windows computer.

Korean Dictionary from Yes Korean

- English to Korean dictionary, alphabetically arranged and searchable. Uses romanization and hangul.


- Browse Korean sites with a pop-up dictionary.


- A javascript program for typing in Korean.

Korean on a mac

- A tutorial for writing Korean on a mac.

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