Balinese, Bahasa Bali, Is learning Balinese a good idea? by Nick & Sean
- Interesting articles by two foreigners living in Bali, one who is learning Balinese
The Balinese Language by F. B. Eisman, Jr.
- Basic linguistic info on pronunciation, politeness levels, grammar, vocabulary and culture.
Balinese Language by I. M. Terima, 2003
- Nice article on Balinese grammar, pronunciation, politeness levels and lexicography.
Through the Eyes of Researcher: Balinese Language
- Interesting article on the current status of Balinese and how it compares to Indonesian.
Wikipedia Balinese
- Some info on phonology, grammar and script.
The Basics of Balinese Language Rules
- Nice essay about politness levels in Balinese and caste influences on the language.
Omniglot Balinese
- Lots of info on the Balinese script, a chart of the letters and links.
History of Bali Writing by I. M. Terima, 2003
- Article on the different scripts used to write Balinese.

バリ語教室 Only available in Japanese
- 18 lessons with some sound, dialogues, grammar & vocabulary. Really nice resource for learning the basics of Balinese. Only available on Internet archive. There is an incomplete English translation here.
バリ語講座 Only available in Japanese
- 3 lessons on greetings, pronunciation & names with dialogues, vocab & grammar notes, as well as info on politeness levels.

User-friendly Guide to Spoken Balinese by B. Victor, 2005
- Survival guide to common words, phrases and grammar.
Balinese Kinship
- Vocabulary used when talking about family members through different generations.
Balinese Phrases
- A short list of common phrases.
Learning Balinese Language
- Common expressions; greetings, questions and emotional expressions.
Balinese Language Project
- An English-Balinese list of 150+ words with sound.
ちょっとバリ語しませんか Only available in Japanese
- A nice guide with basic vocabulary & phrases in Indonesian & Balinese.
やさしい初歩のバリ語 Only available in Japanese
- List of common phrases in Japanese, Indonesian & Balinese.
Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Brahmi descended scripts.

バリ語研修テキスト (Balinese Language Training Textbook) by A. Shiohara, 2002 (no. A822)
- Some complimentary copies may be available if you e-mail the university. Note: Only available in Japanese.

日本発バリ語会話 Only available in Japanese
- Internet magazine with 11 pages covering basic Balinese phrases.
Balinese greetings, directions, fruits in Balinese
- Several posts on learning Balinese from a Bali travel blog.
Learning the Balinese Language
- 6 posts by a blogger learning Balinese using the textbook 'Everyday Balinese'. Appears to have been abandoned but some of the posts might be useful to fellow learners.
Talk with the World: Balinese
- Several posts by a student of Balinese and Indonesian with videos of stories, detailed explanations of grammar points and the script and more. It seems the blogger no longer posts but it's still very useful.

Phrasebase Balinese
- Unfortunately no threads have been posted yet, however you may find some help if you post.

Balinese font
- Downloadable font and keyboard for writing it.
Bali fonts Only available in Indonesian
- Several fonts for writing Balinese, as well as a unicode font in progression and discussion on Romanization.
Kamus Bali
- A dictionary in Indonesian, English & Balinese, however, appears quite incomplete.
- Balinese-English-Indonesian dictionary with 10,000 Balinese words so far.

Everyday Balinese by I Gusti Made Sutjaja, 2009
- 23 lessons on focusing on Balinese from daily life, with dialogues in common and refined speech and grammar explanations.
Practical Balinese by G. Spitzing, 2002
- A phrasebook that teaches you basic conversational skills. Review.
Basa Bali Available in English and Indonesian
- Video based software teaching the language, culture, history and Balinese script. Video samples of the software can be viewed here. Available free of charge to non-profits.
クタ・アルダナのバリ語会話 by クタ アルダナ & 鈴木 理伊, 1998
- Beginner's textbook with CDs sold separately, teaching grammar, politeness levels, vocabulary,  proverbs, culture and more.
旅の指さし会話帳 Only available in Japanese
- Conversation phrasebook with positive reviews.