Wikipedia Malay
- A detailed article on Malay grammar, loan words, basic phrases, phonology, dialects, links and more.
Wikipedia: Differences between Malay & Indonesian
- A nice article examining phonology, orthography and vocabulary differences, as well as false friends.
How to Learn Bahasa Malaysia
- An article about good qualities to have as a learner, and methods to successfully learn Malay.
About Malay by Pisith Phlong
- A concise essay covering the history of Malay, comparisons with other languages, dialects, script etc.
UCLA Malay profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Malay.  
A Guide to the Study of Southeast Asian Languages by E. Riddle, K. Carpenter, C. J. Compton & J. Wheatley, 2000
- Great article with loads of advice on learning a language, strategies, learning different skills, maintaining a language etc.
Omniglot Malay
- Information on Malay, writing systems, and some links.
Languages of the World Malay
- Concise article on the history, status, writing system & vocabulary of Malay.

Courses Beginners/Basic +
A Basic Course in Bahasa Malaysia by Goh Peng Joo
- A well-structured course with 64 lessons, audio and a glossary. A fantastic resource.
L-Lingo Malay Available in English, French, German & Spanish
- Interactive course with 40 lessons using pictures, audio and exercises to teach Malay phrases and vocabulary.
Spoken Malay: Book 1 & Book 2 by I. Dyen, 1945
- Sentence based course with functional grammar explanations and lots of exercises. Audio can be bought online.
Pattani Malay by C. R. Fassler, 1966, adapted by Sarah Wiley
- A 10 lesson course teaching the Pattani dialect, with dialogues, vocabulary, grammar and exercises. No audio unfortunately.

Courses Intermediate +/Sustainment
An Intermediate-Advanced Level Malay Refresher Course by O. Rice, 1961
- 1,500 page e-book with dialogues, reading texts, exercises, drills and detailed explanation of the phonology. No audio.

Learn Malay Language the Simple and Fun Way
- Lots of useful articles about Malay grammar, vocabulary, idioms, songs, culture, history and more. A very useful resource.
Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database
- 509 languages included, with around 210 basic vocabulary items for each, an interactive family tree and links.
Basic Malay Phrases
- Some very basic, survival phrases for Malay with audio.
Say it in Malay
- 150 + everyday phrases, useful for travellers. No audio.
Foreign Languages for Travellers
- Words & phrases with audio, arranged into topics. Also includes a quiz to test yourself.
Malay 101
- A nice tutorial with lots of vocabulary and smaller sections on grammar and pronunciation.
Tatabahasa Melayu
- An online Malay grammar in Malay.
Wanna Learn Malay Language? & Malay Pronunciation
- A list of useful vocabulary, an explanation of the ending particle 'lah' and a guide to Malay pronunciation.
Digital Dialects
- Multimedia games for learning numbers, colours, greetings and vocabulary in Malay.
BYKI Malay
- Free trial flashcard program with vocab lists for learning Malay.
Field Support Online
- Lots of Malay language phrasebooks available to download with audio, some armed forces related.

Malay: A Guide to the Spoken Language by the U.S.A. Department of Defense, 1976
- A basic phrase book with useful words & expressions.
マレー語文法テキスト from 東京外国語大学, 2007 Only available in Japanese
- A grammar resource book with grammar explanations, example sentences and exercises.
マレー語語彙集 from 東京外国語大学, 2007 Only available in Japanese
- An alphabetical and topically arranged vocabulary book with 78 pages.
A Vocabulary of the English, Bugis & Malay Languages by C. H. Thomsen, 1833
- Vocabulary arranged into different categories. Old but does include some rarer words.

World Nomads
- 1 episode teaching travel phrases to get by in Malaysia. Includes a transcript.

Osho Indonesian & Malay
- Blog with resources for learning both languages, word lists, videos, slang, comparisons with other languages, cultural notes etc. 

Unilang Indonesian/Malay
- A fairly active forum with lots of useful threads for both Indonesian and Malay.
The Little Malay Dictionary Forum
- A fairly big forum for discussing the language, internet resources etc. A bit too many posts asking for translations though.
Phrasebase Malay
- A small forum but has some useful threads. 

Little Malay Dictionary
- Searchable dictionary in English, Malay and Finnish.
English-Malay Dictionary
- Searchable one-way dictionary.
CARI Dictionary
- Searchable dictionary in English, Malay and Mandarin Chinese.