Wikipedia Turkish
- Lots of information about Turkish sounds, grammar, vocabulary, writing system, history and links.
Turkish Language Profile
- Information for a learner on difficulties, usefulness etc.
UCLA Turkish profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Turkish.
Why Learn Turkish?
- Reasons why learning Turkish is important, written especially for American students.
Handbook for Students of Turkish
- Helpful information about Turkish, frequently asked questions by students, and offline and online resources.
Introduction to Turkish from the Turkish Wikibook
- Information on the history, Turkish dialects, benefits and easy parts of learning Turkish.
Omniglot Turkish
- Information on the Ottoman and Latin Turkish scripts & links.
Transparent Turkish
- Overview of the language, alphabet, vocabulary and grammar.

FSI Turkish
- Thorough course with loads of content and full audio designed to bring you to a competent speaking level.
TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese
- Great course that teaches Turkish through video and loads of exercises. Also includes guides on phonology, grammar & vocab. A Moodle version is available here.
UACALI Turkish Lessons
- 10 well-designed lessons from a university with dialogues, audio and loads of exercises.
Turkish Tutor
- 12 lessons that teach through clips from a popular Turkish TV show. Exercises, glossaries and audio are included.
GLOSS Turkish by the Defense Language Institute
- Improve your Turkish with lessons on reading & listening comprehension. Intermediate level available.
Livemocha Turkish
- Teaches entirely in Turkish through audio and pictures. Lots of activities and an active community.
Turkish Language Learning CD by Suzan Ozel
- CD for practising elementary conversational Turkish, with videos of monologues and accompanying exercises. CD is available for free from the author.

Turkish for Beginners from Unilang
- A short 5 lesson course with basic grammar, exercises and vocabulary. No audio unfortunately but a nice introduction.
Turkish Tutorial
- An easy-to-understand guide on essential Turkish grammar, vocabulary and phrases.
Turkish Class
- Several courses for all levels, guides on vocab, grammar and pronunciation, Turkish stories, a dictionary and more.
Turkish 101, 102
- Supplementary resources; vocab with pictures and lots of learning games.
Orientaal's Classroom
- Lots of interactive exercises for beginning and advanced students, also has links for selected newspaper articles for advanced students.
Turkish Teachionary
- Multimedia site for teaching Turkish vocabulary.
Digital Dialects Turkish
- Flash based games for learning some basic vocabulary.
Basics of Turkish Grammar
- Technical guide to Turkish grammar, mainly concentrated on inflections, tables and verbs.
Practical Turkish
- Lots of articles on learning Turkish, Turkish films, vocab, tips & tricks etc. Site navigation is confusing but includes lots of content.
E-learning Turkish Grammar
- Teaches grammar through examples and exercises. Also includes info on time, phrases, translation and more.
Manisa Turkish
- Nicely designed site on Turkish grammar, conversation, signs, stories, exam papers, vocab, dialects and more.
Totally Turkish
- Concise info on Turkish grammar with tests, also includes vocab lists, slang and more.
Explore Turkish
- Guide to Turkish grammar, phonology, vocab, the alphabet etc.
Turkse Lessen Only available in Dutch
- A Dutch site with 5 lessons, power point presentations, reading texts, student notes etc.
Learning Turkish
- An online e-book with concise info on Turkish grammar.
Apprendre le turc Only available in French
- Guides to Turkish grammar & vocabulary with exercises & audio.
DLI field support Turkish
- Various phrasebooks with audio available, some specific to the military.
Turkish Vocabulary through Pictures
- Exercises and pictures for vocabulary relating to food and occupations.
Itty Bitty Turkish Course
- 5 basic conversation lessons teaching around 80 common words.
Engoi English-Turkish
- Vocabulary topically arranged with exercises.
Computer Aided Turkish Tutor
- Games, quizzes and conversations for the Turkish student.
Turkish Basics
- Some basic grammar information, vocabulary lists and phrases arranged by topic and information on the language and country.
LangMedia: Turkish Vocabulary Building Exercises
- English-Turkish vocabulary exercises, organised by word type and topic.
LangMedia: Turkish Dictation Exercises
- 56 dictation exercises for elementary to lower intermediate students.

Turkish I: A Communicative Approach (audio only)
Turkish: A Guide to the Spoken Language 1975
トルコ語研修テキスト(Turkish Language Training Textbook) by Y. Nagata, 1978 (no. A100-101)
トルコ語研修テキスト(Turkish Language Training Textbook) by S. Katsuta, 1984 (no. A147-149)
トルコ語研修テキスト(Turkish Language Training Textbook) by T. Hayashi, 1988 (no. A184-187)
トルコ語研修テキスト(Turkish Language Training Textbook) by S. Katsuta, 1994 (no. A232-234)
A Turkish Dialect in North-Western Anatolia -Bolu Dialect Materials by T. Hayashi, 1988 (no. A516)
- Complimentary copies of these Japanese textbooks are sometimes available if you contact the university.
English-Turkish Disaster Preparedness Glossary by McNeil Technologies & Dunwoody Press

- Teaches situational Turkish through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's lessons and advanced audio blogs available so far.
One Minute Turkish
- Learn the very basics of Turkish in 1 minute lessons.
World Nomads Turkish
- A 14 minute podcast teaching basic Turkish words & phrases for travel. Also includes a transcript & free app for iPhone & iPod touch.

Turkish Class Forums
- Huge forum on the language, translation, practising Turkish, as well as other forums on Turkish culture and more. Very useful.
Unilang Turkish forum
- Smaller forum for Turkish learners.
Phrasebase Turkish
- Active forum with lots of useful threads.
Turkish Learner
- Active yahoo group for people learning Turkish.

Teach Yourself Turkish
- Bite-sized communicative lessons with translation exercises.
Blog des cours de turc Only available in French
- Supplementary resources from a Turkish teacher including the alphabet, sounds, phrases, conversations with audio, and videos.
- A native Turkish speaker blogs on Turkish culture, language phrases, and Turkish music with lyrics and translation.
Let's learn Turkish together!
- Several lessons teaching Turkish, with grammar explanations and vocabulary lists.

Authentic Materials
Cultural Interviews with Turkish-Speaking Executives
- Videos interviews about business related topics, with Turkish transcription and English translation available.
- News, radio, television, podcasts and more in Turkish.
BBC Turkish, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, RFI
- News, video (on VOA), radio and podcasts in Turkish.
SBS Radio
- Radio and podcasts about culture, news, science, entertainment; lots of interesting material.
Turkish Media Links
- A large collection of links for Turkish radio, news, newspapers, magazines and television.
Carrie Eurasia Collection
- Large collection of Turkish literature, music, folklore, poetry, books and more.
LangMedia: Turkish in Turkey
- Videos of authentic language use in everyday situations, with notes, transcripts and translations.
LangMedia Culture Talk: Turkey
- Video interviews with transcripts about Turkish life and culure. Most of the interviews are in Turkish, with a few in English.

Turkish fonts
- A nice guide on how to write Turkish on different platforms with downloadable fonts and links.
Practical Turkish Downloads
- Several downloads including freeware fonts, official Microsoft downloads, spellcheckers, dictionaries etc.

- Subscription based service with courses from introductory to advanced. Bases lessons on videos and dialogues with grammar and vocabulary notes and extra listening practice.