UCLA Kashmiri Profile
- Article with map on the grammar, history, dialects and role in society of Kashmiri.
Wikipedia Kashmiri
- Short article with some info on the writing system, grammar, vocabulary and a collection of links.
Vitasta 2000-2001
- PDF with lots of articles about the Kashmiri language, linguistics, literature, script, current status and more.
Kashmiri Language: Roots, Evolution & Affinity by S. S. Toshkani
- Long article about the origin of Kashmiri and relationship to other languages, especially Sanskrit.
On Kashmiri Language
- Article on Kashmiri dialects, phonology, grammar and script.
Omniglot Kashmiri
- Information on the language, its origin, the Arabic script used to write Kashmiri and a collection of links.

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri (+audio) (pdf alternative & html alternative) by B. B. Kachru, 1973
- A textbook in romanisation with conversations, texts, grammar notes, drills, exercises, audio etc. Note: online versions are incomplete, so use pdf plus online audio.
An Audio Cassette Course in Kashmiri (+audio) from the Central Institute of Indian Languages, 2002
- Audio-based course which teaches Kashmiri sounds and grammar with conversations & example sentences. Uses romanization.
Spoken Kashmiri: A Language Course (+audio) by O. N. Koul, 1987
- Romanised textbook with conversations, drills, exercises, grammar notes and vocabulary. Audio is incomplete.
An Intermediate Course in Kashmiri by O. N. Koul, 1995
- Almost entirely in Kashmiri with some English translations. Uses Arabic script.

- Lots of information about the language, literature, script, music, videos, ebooks and language courses.

Basic Reader for Kashmiri Language (+audio) by M. K. Raina & N. Trakru, 2003 
- Introduces the Devanagari script with example phrases & texts to practise reading and topically arranged vocabulary lists.
A Script for the Kashmiri Language
- Teaches a romanised script for Kashmiri, with audio and example words and sentences.

A Reference Grammar of Kashmiri by B. B. Kachru, 1969
- Comprehensive reference guide on the script, phonology, sentences, particles, verbs and much more. Uses romanisation.
Let's Learn Kashmiri by O. N. Wakhlu & B. Wakhlu
- Introduces a romanised script, basic grammar, useful vocab with example phrases, texts, proverbs, poems and audio.
A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs (alternative) by O. N. Koul, 2005
- Large collection of proverbs in romanised & Devanagari script, arranged alphabetically.
Modern Kashmiri Grammar by O. N. Koul & K. Wali, 2006
- A concise guide to phonology, grammar with example sentences in literal & natural English & vocab lists. Uses romanisation.
Studies in Kashmiri Linguistics by O. N. Koul, 2005
- Linguistic articles on Kashmiri grammar, kinship terms, greetings, Persian loan words etc. Some grammar sections are repeated in Kashmiri: A Grammatical Sketch.
Kashmiri: A Grammatical Sketch by O. N. Koul
- Short and slightly technical guide to Kashmiri phonology and grammar. Uses romanisation.
A Dictionary of Peculiar and Uncommon Kashmiri Words and Phrases by M. K. Raina, 2005
- More than 1000 entries in romanised and Devanagari script with English translations and explanations.

Authentic Materials
Maharaj Krishen Raina: The Literary Works
- Lots of downloadable ebooks of stories, novels, songs, folk stories, riddles, proverbs and more.
Kashmir News Network
- Lots of links for newspapers, videos, ebooks, journals, music etc in Kashmiri. Also lots of info about Kashmir culture & politics.
Kashmiri Language
- Online books, songs with lyrics and articles about the language.
A Dictionary of the Kashmiri Language by G. A. Grierson, 1932
- Kashmiri to English searchable dictionary.
Pictorial Glossary in Kashmiri
- A browsable dictionary with pictures, uses Arabic script for Kashmiri. No English translations.
Hindi-Kashmiri Common Vocabulary
- Browsable Hindi-Kashmiri-English dictionary, not searchable.
Koshur: Scripts and Fonts
- Several downloadable fonts and typing editors with guides on how to use each.