Why should we be interested in Sanskrit?
- An essay on reasons for learning Sanskrit, including literature, linguistics, the script, philosophy and more.
Sanskrit FAQ
- Answers to commonly asked questions about learning Sanskrit.
Wikipedia Sanskrit, Vedic Sanskrit
- Lots of information on the history, phonology, grammar, writing system and influence of Sanskrit.
Sanskrit Introduction
- Article about interesting aspects of the Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit step-by-step
- Nice, easy course that focuses on practical knowledge, with exercises, grammar and texts. Note: You will need to know the script before starting.
A Practical Sanskrit Introductory Course (alternative) by C. Wikner Also available in French
- A thorough course with grammar & phonology explanations, script lessons, reading texts and exercises. Looks pretty good.
Learn Sanskrit through self-study
- 12 lessons with audio, exercises and interactive quizzes .
Ancient Sanskrit Online by K. Thomsen & J. Slocum
- 12 university lessons from ancient Sanscrit texts.
Sanskrit - Sansrito
- Tutorials on Sanskrit, grammar, writing, pronunciation, translating etc. (available in Spanish as well)
- Various courses for learning Sanskrit; grammar, audio, video. (warning - some appear to be in Hindi)
University Sanskrit
- A university course with exercises, readings and quizzes.
Sanskrit e-course
- Short lessons introducing Sanskrit grammar, with conversations, example words & phrases and exercises. 

Sanskrit learning tools
- Lots of useful material; e-books, lists of common Sanskrit words, dictionaries, links to online resources etc.
Discover Sanskrit
- Gives some information on the Sanskrit language and the culture surrounding it.
First Conversation in Sanskrit
- Short lesson teaching you how to have a basic conversation in Sanskrit. Nice and relaxing method of teaching.
Learn Sanskrit Available in English & Kannada
- A collection of phrases and conversations in romanized Sanskrit.
Devasthanam Sanskrit
- Article on the relationship of Sanskrit to Hinduism, as well as a detailed explanation of Sanskrit phonology with diagrams & audio.

UK India Sanskrit
- A chart of all the letters in Sanskrit and words & sentences to practise reading.
Scripts of all of Asia
- Comparative charts of Asian scripts. 

An Analytical Cross-Referenced Sanskrit Grammar by L. Warnemyr, 2005
- Academic grammar with texts & examples in romanized Sanskrit.
Master Sanskrit Easily Preface, Title, Part 1, 2 & 3 by Dr. N. M. Kansara, 2003
- A guide to Sanskrit grammar and phonology, with plenty of examples and texts.

Gabriel Pradipaka answers your questions
- Many posts on a variety of subjects related to the Sanskrit language and learning it.
Sanskrit studies
- A blog containing many links related to Sanskrit.

Sanskrit forum from E-sanga Buddhist community

Authentic Materials
Sanskrit Authors
- Biographies of prominent Sanskrit authors and audio readings.

- A Firefox & Windows download for typing in Sanskrit. Simple & easy to use.
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
- Two searchable Sanskrit dictionaries with script & romanization.
- Downloadable and online searchable two-way romanized Sanskrit dictionary.