A small collection of flashcard files I've made using the Spaced Repetition System jMemorize.
There are also Quizlet versions of some of the flashcard decks. These can be studied in Quizlet or in the free Flashcards+ iPhone application.

Please e-mail me if you have flashcards you would like to add to this collection.

# Please note that when learning from Japanese flashcards in jMemorize you need to change the font to view the characters properly. Go to File - Preferences, and change the font in Font Settings (for all 6 categories) to MS Gothic. Make sure to make the font size very big in Frontside (Learn) and Flipside (Learn) so that you can see the characters properly.
MS PGothic, MS PMincho, MS Mincho also seem okay. The Simsun fonts display kanji characters okay but kana characters are a little distorted.
The Mingliu fonts display CHINESE characters.


101 Japanese Idioms - 101 cards arranged into 4 categories of 25 cards each. From the book 101 Japanese Idioms. Quizlet versions: 101 Japanese Idioms: 1-25, 26-50, 51-76 and 77-101.

Japanese for Everyone - 1, 046 cards arranged into lesson categories.  From the textbook Japanese for Everyone.

RTK - 2, 042 cards arranged into lesson categories. From the book Remembering the Kanji vol. I.

Japanese Signs - 325 cards arranged by chapter. Japanese to English. From the book The Practical Guide to Japanese Signs: 1st Part Especially for Newcomers.

Love, Hate & Everything in Between - 205 cards arranged by chapter. Only contains the words from the 1st part, From Uncertainty to Love. From the book Love, Hate & Everything in Between: Expressing Emotions in Japanese.

Intermediate Kanji - 1, 286 cards arranged by lesson. Contains all the vocabulary (English-Japanese) and kanji characters (Japanese-English meaning & reading). From the book Intermediate Kanji Book Vol I.

Jazz up your Japanese with onomatopoeia - 113 cards arranged by chapter. From the book Jazz up your Japanese with onomatopoeia.

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