Spoken Lao - A Regional Approach by John Hartmann
- Information on Lao dialects, the tone system and related languages.
Lao: Languages of Southeast Asia
- Interesting video with a linguist and native speakers discussing the Lao language, literature and learning materials.
Lao Connection
- Information on difficulty of learning, related languages, sounds, tones and more.
Wikipedia Lao
- Information on the history, dialects, phonology, grammar and script of Lao.
Facts about Lao
- Concise essay about Lao phonology, tones, script, related languages, vocabulary etc.
Omniglot Lao
- Information on Lao and the writing system.
UCLA Lao profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Lao.
Comparing Thai & Lao by J. Higbie & S. Thinsan
- Compares Thai & Lao vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, script and more.
Lao and Thai Mutual Intelligibility
- Interesting video with a linguist and a bilingual Thai & Lao speaker discussing the two languages, their dialects and how mutually intelligible Thai and Lao actually are.
Thai/Lao Questions & Comments
- Answers to common questions about learning Thai & Lao.
About Lao by Pisith Phlong
- A concise essay about the history of Lao, comparisons with other languages, dialects, script etc.
A Guide to the Study of Southeast Asian Languages by E. Riddle, K. Carpenter, C. J. Compton & J. Wheatley, 2000
- Great article with loads of advice on learning a language, strategies, learning different skills, maintaining a language etc.
- Information on Lao structure, writing and resources.

SEAsite Lao
- A 30 lessons Lao course with audio, flashcards & exercises, as well as tutorials on pronunciation, tones & writing system. Also has reading lessons, vocabulary lessons and much more.
- A thorough course that teaches in short 'microwave' cycles. No audio unfortunately.
TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese
- Fantastic, huge course that teaches Lao through video and loads of exercises. A Moodle version is available here.
DLI Intermediate-Advanced Level Laotian Refresher Course 1961
- Huge course with dialogues, drills, texts, translation exercises etc. Uses Lao script and romanization. No audio unfortunately.

Let's Learn Lao
- Introduces the alphabet with audio & pictures as well as lists of useful Lao words. Also has a large collection of links.
Learn Basic Lao
- Vocabulary & phrases with audio for different topics.
Lao Language
- A list of useful Lao words and phrase, no audio unfortunately.
Lao Connection
- A list of basic Lao words & phrases and days, months & numbers.
Thai-Lao-Isan-English Phrasebook
- Useful phrasebook with useful vocab and grammar for Thai, Isan & Lao. Useful for comparing the similarites between the 3 languages.
Thai Language & Lao Language
- Sections on Lao script, pronunciation, script, grammar and more.
South East Asian Scripts & Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Brahmi & South East Asian scripts.
Let's Speak Lao (Thaidam) by NukSooLang
- Videos giving an overview of the Lao language, useful words & phrases and basic grammar. 8 lessons so far.
Learn Lao by crazyasn1and2
- Video teaching basic Lao grammar.
Lao tutorial 1, little conversation by savan
- Videos teaching some basic Lao phrases and an example conversation.

FSI Reading Lao: A Programmed Introduction by W. G. Yates & S. Sayasithsena, 1974
- Thorough, huge course teaching the Lao writing system, with complete audio and oral and written exercises.
English-Lao Phrasebook 1980
- Thematically arranged phrases with En-Lao & Lao-En list of the most useful words.
Lao Phasebook
- Incomplete phrasebook from Wikitravel that covers a wide variety of topics.

World Nomads Lao
- A 14 minute podcast teaching basic Lao words & phrases and a 100 word phrasebook that can be used on your iPod.

Laos Forum
- New forum with subforums for visiting and living in Laos, the Lao language, jobs in Laos etc.
Lao Guidebook
- Small forum for Lao language and Laos travel.
Samakomlao Lao Language
- Small forum where you can practise writing Lao and talk about the Lao language.
Asia Finest Lao
- Forum for Lao culture, news, politics etc, some threads on the language can be found if you search.
Phrasebase Lao
- Very small forum, however you may find help if you post.
Unilang Other Languages
- Some Lao related threads can be found on this forum.

Lao fonts
- Downloadable fonts for Windows and Mac computers.
Lao Unicode
- A guide on how to type Lao on a Windows computer.
SEAsite Lao fonts
- Downloadable Windows & Mac fonts used on the SEAsite course.
Virtual Lao Keyboard
- A downloadable keyboard to use for typing in Lao.
Pop-up Lao Dictionary
- A Firefox add-on that gives you the translation for any Thai, Lao, Burmese or Khmer word.

Lao for Beginners by T. Hoshino & R. Marcus
- A practical study guide with Lao script and romanization. Note: View only.