Wikipedia Mongolian
- Lots of info on Mongolian grammar, phonology, writing systems, history, dialects and connection to other languages.
Mongolia FAQ
- Answers to common questions about Mongolia, the language etc. More articles on Mongolia here.
The Mongolian language and scripts by Tseveliin Shagdarsuren
- Article about the history of Mongolian and the different scripts used to write it.
Mongolian by R. A. Cloutier
- An in-depth look at Mongolian grammar, history and script.
To study Mongolian or not? by G. Chingis, 2010
- Practical article about the history of Mongolian studies and the usefulness of Mongolian in everyday and professional life in Mongolia.
Omniglot Mongolian
- Information on Mongolian and scripts used to write it.
UCLA Mongolian profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Mongolian.
Transparent Mongolian
- Overview of the language, the alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.
Languages of the world - Mongolian
- Some basic info, including: dialects, structure, writing & resources.

Courses Beginners +
Peace Corps Mongolian (+audio) by J. Amraa and others, 1993
- In-depth textbook for learning basic Mongolian.
Peace Corps Mongolian (+audio)
- Another Peace Corps course that teaches words & phrases with audio.
TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese.
- Fantastic, huge course that teaches Mongolian through video and loads of exercises. A Moodle version is available here.
モンゴル語で話そう from 東京外国語大学, 2008 Only available in Japanese
- Textbook focused on conversation skills, with exercises, grammar notes and dialogues. Unfortunately no audio.
Mongolisch Only available in German
- 10 thorough lessons with grammar, dialogues, exercises, etc. Also has guides on grammar, pronunciation, script etc.

Courses Intermediate / Sustainment
Intermediate level listening and reading project
- Multimedia exercises to help student's listening and reading ability in Mongolian. Free registration required.
Sonsov uu?
- Mongolian listening comprehension exercises for beginning & intermediate learners.

Learn Mongolian language tutorial
- Common words and phrases.
Lingua Mongolia
- A site dedicated to literary Mongolian. Digitised Mongolian books, grammar explanations & a classical script tutorial.
Basic Mongolian
- Basic Mongolian words & phrases in English & Chinese.
The Silver Horde
- Information on Mongolian culture, history and language.
Byki Before you know it Lite
- Trial flashcard program with free Mongolian word lists.
Digital Dialects Mongolian
- Flash based activities for learning Mongolian numbers.
Funky Mongolian Available in English & Spanish
- Flash based audio vocabulary tutorial covering different subjects.
Mongolia Web
- 2 lessons as well as info on pronunciation, how to address people and phrases. Also has info on Mongolian culture, history, books etc.
大阪外国語eラーニング Only available in Japanese
- Several fill-in-the-gap exercises. Note: Some links are broken.
Dictionnaire Mongol Only available in French
- A searchable classical Mongolian dictionary, as well as a grammatical guide and a list of suffixes.
Youtube - MongolHel
- 7 videos teaching the Mongolian alphabet, vocabulary & everyday phrases. Nice & easy introduction to the language.
Learn Mongolian by Glossika
- 7 videos teaching the Mongolian script.

English-Mongolian phrasebook by J. Amraa & S. Nadya
- Peace Corps phrasebook based around everyday situations.
Learner's Mongol-English dictionary by B. Hurbat and others
- Designed for Peace Corps volunteers.
Mongolian language handbook by Nicholas Poppe
- Grammar book, uses phonetic transcription.
A student guide to Khalka Mongolian pronunciation by Tsh. Battulga & Mika Laiho
- Only available as audio downloads.
Monumenta Altaica
- Several Mongolian grammar books available to download.
Grammar of Written Mongolian by N. Poppe
- Nice book on Mongolian phonology, grammar, script and sentence structure. Romanisation is mainly used.
American Centre for Mongolian Studies
- Beginner and intermediate courses in Mongolian, designed to be used with a teacher, each course containing 80 lessons. Free registration needed.

Lingua Mongolia Dictionary
- Searchable English & Mongolian dictionary, uses romanization for searching in Mongolian.
Bolor Dictionary
- Searchable two-way dictionary with a Firefox dictionary extension and virtual Mongolian keyboard.
- Downloadable and online searchable two-way romanized Mongolian dictionary.
- Searchable Mongolian-Mongolian dictionary, uses Cyrillic.
Mongolian Language Tools
- Online and offline programs for typing in Cyrillic Mongolian.
Mongolian font
- A downloadable font.
Microsoft support package
- Classical Mongolian font for Windows 2000/XP.
Classical Mongolian
- Download a program for writing in Classical Mongolian script.
Lingua Mongolia Script
- Downloadable font for viewing the classical script.

Mongolian Grammar Textbook by Khatantuul Baartarsukh, 2009
- New book teaching Mongolian grammar with lots of practice exercises, probably better for post-beginners. Great reviews so far.
Сайн байна уу?/Sain Banu uu? by L. Tserenchunt and Sharon Luethy, 2002-2003
- 3 grammar based textbooks with audio cassette tapes, well reviewed series.
Modern Mongolian by J. E. Bosson, 1997
- Grammar focused textbook and reader.
Colloquial Mongolian by A. J. K. Sanders & J. Bat-Ireedui, 2007
- Textbook with audio CD. Technical and tough going but very thorough.
Basic Course in Mongolian by J. G. Hangin, 1997
- Textbook teaching the Mongolian of Inner Mongolia, with good grammar explanations and lots of exercises but language is slightly out-dated.
Modern Mongolian: A Course Book by J. Gaunt, 2004
- Grammer textbook introducing basic Mongolian, however contains various typos and mistakes.
Review of Golden Key to Mongolian
- Negative review of the 2005 version of the book, listing the myriad shortcomings of the textbook. Later versions are revised and improved.
UCLA language materials
- Provides descriptions of language materials available to Mongolian students.