Wikipedia Telugu, Telugu script
- Lots of information on the history, phonology, vocabulary and writing system of Telugu.
UCLA Telugu profile
- Article with diagram on Telugu dialects, script, role in society, history and relationship to other languages.
Omniglot Telugu
- Article on the Telugu script and its origin, with a chart of all the letters and several links.
An Introduction to Telugu by V. Vemuri
- Essay on the relationship of Telugu to other languages, its grammar, origins and vocabulary.
Notes on Telugu Script
- Several articles on the history of the script, its characteristics and its evolution.
How to Learn Telugu
- Tips for those wanting to learn Telugu, such as practising conversation, listening, watching old Telugu movies etc.

Peace Corps Conversational Telugu by J. Beinsten & others, 1962
- Drill based course with conversations and grammar notes. Uses romanization and scan is not good quality but still seem very useful.
Introduction to Spoken Telugu by L. Lisker, 1963
- Grammar based course with drills, conversations, grammar notes and exercises. Contains 30 lessons and uses romanization.
A Basic Course in Modern Telugu (audio only) by B. H. Krishnamurthy, 1967
- Unfortunately only the audio is available but it is well narrated and some sections could be used with the audio alone.

- Nice site with lots of videos of illustrated stories, rhymes and journals, as well as vocabulary, numbers and activities.
Telugu Literary
- Articles on Telugu language, literature and cinema, and lots of links, although some are dead.
Sydney Telugu Association
- An impressive links collection for Telegu films & music, newsletters in Telugu and radio shows in Telugu.
Let's Learn Telugu
- A tutorial teaching the Telugu script with audio and a collection of thematically arranged vocabulary.
Telugu Course Outline
- Handouts from a freshman course in Telugu, including the alphabet, vocabulary and essays on Telugu literature.
- Short tutorials on written and spoken Telugu, presents vocabulary and the alphabet.
Telugu 2 English
- A collection of links about the Telugu language.
Scripts of all of Asia & Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Asian & Brahmi descended scripts.
Kids One Telugu
- Lots of beautiful animated videos with rhymes, stories, vocabulary, games, worksheets and lots more. Really nice resource.

A Primer in Telugu Characters by E. C. Hill, 1991
- Short e-book presenting the Telugu script, compared with the Devangari script and with reading passages for practice.
Learn Telugu with its Grammar by V. Vemuri (in progress)
- Incomplete and fairly short grammatical guide,
A Progressive Grammar of the Telugu Language with Copious Examples and Exercises by A. H. Arden, 1905
- Old but explains the writing system and spoken & literary grammar well, includes exercises and uses Telugu script.
A Companion Reader to Arden's Progressive Telugu Grammar by A. H. Arden, 1879
- Lots of stories, dialogues and sentences with translations illustrating particular grammar points. Dated but still useful.
Materials for Elementary Readings in Modern Telugu by B. Krishnamurti & J. J. Gumperz, 1961
- Covers the writing system, basic grammar and authentic passages in Telugu, with lots of exercises.
Graded readings in Modern Literary Telugu by G. N. Reddy & D. M. Matson (glossary here) 1967 (alternative)
- 16 stories from easy to more difficult by modern Telugu authors, with explanations for vocabulary and grammar points.
Graded Readings in Newspaper Telugu by G. N. Reddy & D. M. Matson, 1966 (glossary)
- 31 handwritten passages taken from Telugu newspapers. Grammar explanations and vocabulary in the glossary.
DSERT Textbooks Online
- School textbooks for studying Telugu or other subjects through Telugu available to download and view online.
Government of Tamil Nadu Textbooks Online
- Loads of Telugu readers with poetry and prose for different grades of school.
テルグ語研修テキスト (Telegu Language Training Textbook) by P. Bhaskararao, 1997 (no. A703-704)
- Some complimentary copies may be available from the university if you e-mail them.

- Small forum with some useful posts.
Unilang South Asian Languages
- Small but active forum with some useful threads for Telugu.

Authentic Materials
Telugu Publications by V. Vemuri
- Lots of short stories (horror, adventure, science-fiction, mystery etc), essays and books in Telugu available to download.
Telugu Authors
- Biographies of prominent Telugu authors and audio readings.
- Telugu movies, live TV & radio, songs to listen to, videos etc. Really great resource.
- Short stories and poetry in Telugu.
- A collection of news and articles from different Telugu news sites.
Telugu greetings
- Animated cards with Telugu greetings for different occasions.

English-Telegu Dictionary
- Easy-to-use large online dictionary.
Sahiti Dictionary
- Another online English-Telugu dictionary, viewable through several different fonts.
Hindi - Telugu Common Vocabulary
- A dictionary of common vocabulary, can be searched in Hindi, Telugu or English.
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
- Two searchable Telugu-English dictionaries, can be searched in English as well.
- A Firefox & Windows download for typing in Telugu. Simple & easy to use.
- Online tool for typing phonetically in Telugu. Easy to use.
- Another online tool for typing in Telugu, includes list of characters and romanization.
UniNagari: The simple, no-frills Indic typewriter
- Online tool for typing in Telugu using the online keyboard layout.