Wikipedia Georgian
- Information on the history, dialects, phonology, writing system, grammar and vocabulary of Georgian.
Georgian Language Profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Georgian.
The Georgian Language: Quick Facts
- Interesting information about the difficulty of Georgian, its writing system, pronunciation and more.
So why learn Georgian?
- Blog post from the perspective of a learner about Georgian.
Omniglot Georgian (Asomtavruli & Nuskhuri), Omniglot Georgian (Mkhedruli)
- Information on the origin and history of the Georgian writing systems and links.
Transparent Georgian
- Overview of the language, alphabet, vocabulary and grammar.

Georgian: A Reading Grammar (+audio) by H. I. Aronson, 1990
- Very in-depth course that teaches written Georgian with exercises, copious grammar notes and vocabulary lists. Uses transliteration and script. For the serious learner.
SF 200 Hour Familiarization Course: Introduction to Georgian
- Teaches grammar structures, vocabulary and cultural information useful for daily life in Georgia. Uses transliteration and script. No audio.
Georgian I, II from the Malmö university, Sweden
- Distance learning course with online materials, exercises and dictionary. Free but only available during academic application period.

- Online grammar, information on the language and script, bibliography of study materials and more.
About Georgia
- Georgian phrases and vocabulary, some with sound, and information on the country, culture, travel, cuisine and more.
児島 康宏 (only available in Japanese)
- Essays about Georgia and culture etc, and useful phrases for travellers with audio.
Georgische lernen (only available in German)
Basic grammar information, interactive vocabulary quizzes, resource lists and links.
Das Georgische (only available in German)
- Cultural information, information on the  language, alphabet etc and grammar notes (incomplete).
Sprachführer georgische (only available in German)
- Basic phrases and information on the alphabet and transliteration.
Learn Georgian Language Android, Windows Phone
- An Android and Windows Phone app that has lists of Georgian vocabulary and phrases, verb conjugations and letters in the Georgian script with some audio.

Georgian hand written letters
- Flash animations showing how to write the Georgian script.
Henrik Theiling's Script Teacher
- Interactive Georgian script quizzes.

Peace Corps Georgian (+audio)
- Teaches grammar and  vocabulary useful for everyday life, with some cultural information. Unfortunately no exercises.
The Georgian Language: An Outline Grammatical Summary by P. J. Hillery, 2006 (from
- Online grammar covering Georgian phonology, numbers, verbs, syntax, vocabulary etc.
English-Georgian Dictionary by Besiki Sisauri
- Downloadable one way dictionary with more than 10, 000 words, suitable for learners.
Basic Georgian (audio only) by N. Danelia
- Audio for the textbook 'Basic Georgian', which is reportedly only available in Georgia.
グルジア語研修テキスト (Georgian Language Training Textbook) by M. Kinoshita, 1993 (no. A221-222)
- Some complimentary copies may be available if you e-mail the university.

Unilang Georgian
- Forum for learners with posts about learning resources, language journals, grammar notes etc.
Phrasebase Georgian
- Unfortunately almost no posts.

Authentic Materials
Voice of America, TRT, RFE
- News, videos, radio and podcasts in Georgian.
- Georgian television channel with lots of online videos available.

English-Georgian Online Dictionary
- Searchable one way dictionary, uses a non-Unicode font.
- Searchable English, German and Russian to Georgian dictionary.
Deutsch-Georgisches Wörterbuch von Michael Jelden, 2001 (only available in German)
- Searchable  two way dictionary.
Dictionnaire (only available in French)
- Searchable two way dictionary.
- Online tool for typing in Georgian.
International Sideboard
- Firefox add-on for typing in Georgian and other languages.
Georgian Language Distance Learning Course
- Fonts and keyboards available to download, as well as blank note paper to practise writing Georgian.
Georgische Fonts
- Lots of different font available to download.

Beginner's Georgian by D. Kiziria, 2009
- Well-reviewed textbook with audio that teaches conversational Georgian for beginners.
Georgian Language and Culture: A Continuing Course by H. I. Aronson & D. Kirizia, 1999
- A well-reviewed in depth textbook for intermediate+ learners, if you can find it.