Upcoming: Speak Latvian is currently under development but once finished will have sections on grammar, vocabulary and verbs.

Wikipedia Latvian
- Lots of information about the language, its history, grammar, sound, dialects and a collection of useful links.
Latvian language acquisition
- Article about attitudes towards learning Latvian, prejudices, Latvian education schemes and info about LVAVA.
Omniglot Latvian
- Some information about Latvian and the alphabet with links.
The Latvian Language
- A detailed overview of the alphabet, phonology and grammar, as well as info about the country, culture, history etc.
UCLA Latvian profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Latvian.
NVTC Latvian
- Information on the language, dialects, structure, grammar and links.

Peace Corps Latvian
- Thorough pdf course with dialogues, exercises, grammar and vocabulary from everyday situations.
Basic Latvian
- A useful, though out-dated resource with grammar, readings, vocabulary and audio.
Ko Tu Teici?
- Lots of interactive flash videos testing your knowledge of Latvian in different topics. In Latvian only but easy to understand.

Virtual Riga
- A few basic phrases with audio and an online dictionary.
Library of Congress Latvian
- Links to Latvian literature online and other useful sites.
Latvian for travellers
- Useful words and phrases in several categories.
BYKI Latvian
- A free trial vocabulary trainer with Latvian word lists.
Digital Dialects
- Multimedia games for learning Latvian numbers and colours.
Learning Latvian online
- Basic Latvian lessons, quizzes to try and info on the language.
Latvian language helper
- A short multimedia tutorial covering the basics and phrases on different subjects with audio.
Latvian Online School
- A great new resource with an alphabet tutorial, lessons (9 so far), links and much more to come. Looks promising.
Baltic online
- 3 thorough lessons on 17th to 19th century Latvian from novels and texts. Lessons 8-10 are Latvian.
AILAB Also available in Latvian
- A dictionary, Latvian texts, grammatical info, culture guides etc. A really nice website.
- A short guide on Latvian grammar with lots of exercises.
Eksāmeni Only available in Latvian
- PDFs and mps for secondary school exams in Latvian and other languages.
Latvians online
- A community of Latvians and Latvia lovers with news, reviews, articles etc.

Unilang Latvian
- A small forum but lots of useful posts.
Phrasebase Latvian
- Even smaller than above forum but some useful links.

Authentic Materials
Pasakas by A. Lindgren
- Audio books & e-books of Latvian fairytales for children. Also has cartoons & games. A nice website for getting exposure to some easier language. Recommended.

Latvian resources
- Links for typing Latvian on the computer and surfing the internet.
Yamada fonts
- Download fonts for typing in Latvian.
Latvian in Computers
- A nice tutorial on different methods for typing in Latvian.
Latvian online dictionary
- Searchable two-way dictionary.

Easy way to Latvian
- One of the most highly recommended courses available for Latvian.
Teach Yourself Latvian
- Well reviewed language course.
Colloquial Latvian
- Similar format to Teach yourself Latvian. The 1st edition did not receive good reviews but the 2nd edition is apparently much improved.
Baltic phrasebook
- A phrasebook for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian.View only.