Wikipedia Kannada
- Lots of info on the history, literature, dialects, writing system and grammar of Kannada.
UCLA Kannada Profile
- Article with diagram on the history, grammar, dialects, relationship to other languages and role in society of Kannada.
Omniglot Kannada
- Article on the Kannada script and its origin, a chart of all the letters and a collection of links.

Learn Kannada from the Central Institute of Indian Languages
- A full course with exercises, drills, reading selections, dialogues, exams, script and administrative-specific lessons. Free registration required, no audio unfortunately.
A Kanarese Grammar with Graduated Exercises by H. Spencer, 1950 (revised)
- Old-school style textbook that introduces the script and then teaches the grammar, with translation exercises.
Learn Kannada
- A small phrasebook using romanization and audio, covering greetings, introductions, directions, questions and more.
- 6 lessons introducing spoken Kannada using example sentences, and two grammar books to download.
Common Kannada, Tulu & Konkani Phrases
- Common chit-chat phrases in three languages, uses romanization.
Languages Home
- Common phrases in romanized Kannada.
Wikiquote - Kannada proverbs
- Large list of Kannada proverbs written with Kannada script, romanization and English translation.
Scripts of all of Asia & Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Asian & Brahmi descended scripts. 

A Reference Grammar of Spoken Kannada by H. Schiffman, 1979
- Thorough grammar covering phonology, sentence structure, verbs, participles, tense etc. Uses romanization.
Learn Kannada
- Short introduction with useful vocabulary, phrases and an overview of the tenses. Uses romanization.
Reading Material in Kannada Section I by M. G. Krishnamurthi & W. McCormack, 1964
- An essay (in English) on Mysore culture & literature, and handwritten Kannada reading sections, with vocab lists.
Reading Material in Kannada Section II by M. G. Krishnamurthi & W. McCormack, 1964
- Handwritten texts with vocab, including biographies of important Kannada figures, literature extracts & classical poetry.
Reading Material in Kannada Section III by M. G. Krishnamurthi & W. McCormack, 1964
- Includes biographies of Kannada writers, literature extracts, Kannada proverbs and extracts from folk poetry.
DSERT Textbooks Online
- School textbooks for studying Kannada or other subjects through Kannada available to download and view online.
Government of Tamil Nadu Textbooks Online
- Loads of Kannada readers of poetry and prose for different grades of school.
カンナダ語研修テキスト (Kannada Language Training Textbook) by T. Iemoto, 1998 (no. A723)
- Some complimentary copies may be available if you e-mail the university. 

- Vocabulary, phrases and dialogues in Kannada, videos with transcription & translation and links for learning Kannada.

Unilang South Asian Languages
- Small but active forum with a few threads for Kannada. You may find some help if you post.

Authentic Materials
Kannada Cartoons
- Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes and Dilbert translated into Kannada.
Kannada Haligalu
- Jokes in Kannada, poetry, animated videos, recipes, rhymes etc.
Kannada Audio
- Lots of Kannada music, from films, dramas, classical, pop, folk etc.
- Collection of Kannada news from online sites.
Kannada Authors
- Biographies of prominent Kannada authors and audio readings.

Kannada Kasturi
- A two-way searchable dictionary, technical terminology, spellcheck and Sanskrit-Kannada dictionary.
Anukruti Kannada
- A pictorial glossary of Kannada, uses Kannada script. Useful for picking up common words.
- A Firefox & Windows download for typing phonetically in Kannada. Simple & easy to use.
- Downloadable unicode editor for typing in Kannada.
- Online tool for typing phonetically in Kannada. Easy to use. 
UniNagari: The simple, no-frills Indic typewriter
- Online tool for typing in Kannada using the online keyboard layout.