Wikipedia Kazakh

- Information on the speakers, writing system, phonology and grammar of Kazakh.

UCLA Kazakh

- Article on the language, relationship to other languages, history, grammar, dialects and writing system of Kazakh.

Kazakhstan: Language, Identity and Conflict by J. Smagulova

- Interesting article about the conflict between the Kazakh and Russian languages in Kazakhstan and the current state of Kazakh.

Omniglot Kazakh

- An overview of the language, its history, scripts and a chart of the letters.

Transparent Kazakh

- Short overview of the language, alphabet, pronunciation, grammar & vocabulary.

NVTC Kazakh

- Concise information on the dialects, grammar, phonology, writing and resources for Kazakh.

Kazakh Student's Association: Kazakh Language

- Article on the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Kazakh language.


Peace Corps Kazakh Language Course (HTML version) (updated 2007 version) 1995

- Teaches Kazakh for everyday situations using dialogues, many exercises, grammatical and cultural notes. Also has information about features in Kazakh that differ from English.

Introduction to Kazakh

- Teaches survival Kazakh using dialogues, pictures, exercises, vocabulary lists and cultural information. Uses Cyrillic and romanized Kazakh. No audio.

Peace Corps Kazakh Language Competencies (HTML version) by I. Cirtautas, 1992

- Gives Kazakh dialogues for survival competency with vocabulary lists, proverbs, grammar notes and cultural notes. No exercises.


Ќазаќ тілі Only available in Russian

- Detailed grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, authentic texts, overviews of the different writing systems used for Kazakh and more.

Unilang Kazakh

- 3 kazakh lessons, a collection of vocabulary, grammar guide and phonology.

Leneshmidt Kazakh, English & Russian Glossary

- Huge searchable glossary with over 355, 000 words in 3 languages.

Lenishmidt Kazakh, Russian & English Phrasebook

- Large 3 language phrasebook with full audio. Great resource. Also covers more conversational topics than topics for tourists.

DLI Field Support Kazakh

- Various phrasebooks with audio, some specific to the military, and pronunciation and culture guides.

Say it in Kazakh

- Large collection of tourist phrases and useful words in Kazakh. Use romanization.

Embassy of Kazakhstan - Say it in Kazakh

- Kazakh phrases for tourists. Uses romanization.

Kazakh Words and Phrases

- Kazakh phrases in romanization. Specifically for adoptive parents of Kazakh children.

Omniglot Useful Kazakh Phrases

- Small selection of useful phrases in Kazakh for travellers. Uses Cyrillic and romanized script.

Byki Before you know it Lite

- Trial flashcard program with free Kazakh word lists.

Kazakh Archive

- Audio files for various Kazakh textbooks. Unfortunately is probably not very useful as none of the textbooks are available online.


Kazakh Grammatical Sketch (HTML version) by K. A. Krippes, 1993

- Brief guide to the Kazakh Cryllic script, phonology, numerals and grammar including nouns, verbs, tenses, adjectives, adverbs and more. Ony 35 pages so only goes into the briefest of detail.

カザフ語研修テキスト (Kazhak Language Training Textbook) by Y. Nakajima, 2004 (no. A874-877)

- Some copies may be available if you e-mail the university.


Kazakh Language Learning Podcast from CeLCAR

- News articles in simplified Kazakh with transcripts. Discontinued bu 13 episodes still available.


Unilang Turkic Languages

- Forum for Turkic languages such as Kazakh, Turkmen etc. Has some useful posts with lessons and links. Good place to get help or just chat.

Phrasebase Kazakh

- Unfortunately no threads but you may find some help if you post.


Kazakh Language for English Speakers

-Videos, lyrics and translation of Kazakh songs, some grammar notes and posts on the language.

Authentic Materials

TRT, CRI (uses Arabic script), Radio Free Europe, Қазақстан

- News, radio, video and podcasts in Kazakh.


- Video clips from Kazakh TV.

Caspionet Available in English, Russian and Kazakh

- Streaming TV video. The streaming video is the same for every language.


- Children's TV in Kazakh available as a streaming web broadcast.

Urker Available in English and Russian

- A Kazakh pop-folk band with downloadable mp3s and lyrics.

Central Asian News

- Radio news broadcast in Kazakh with transcript, glossary and activities.


- News articles on a variety of topics with audio. Also includes vocab lists with Russian translations.

LangMedia Culture Talk: Kazakhstan

- Video interviews with transcripts about culture in Kazakhstan. The interviews are in Kazakh or Russian, with a few in English.



- Searchable English - Russian - Kazakh dictionary.

ловарь на Azion.kz

- Searchable two-wayKazakh and Russian dictionary.


- Searchable two-way Kazakh and Russian dictionary, with Kazakh keyboard.

Kazakh Cyrillic - Arabic - Latin Script

- Converts Kazakh in the Cyrillic script to the Arabic or Latin script.


Resources for learning the Kazakh language

- Great guide to offline resources for Kazakh learners.

Learn Kazakh: Resources

- Reviews of several Kazakh language textbooks the author used in his quest to learn Kazakh.

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