Wikipedia Standard Hindi, Hindi-Urdu
- Lots of information on the official status, history, vocabulary, literature, phonology, dialects, grammar and writing system of Hindi.
UCLA Hindi profile
- Article with map on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Hindi.
A Brief Hindi-Urdu FAQ 2000
- Easy-to-understand that explains the differences, origins and political statuses of Hindi and Urdu.
Omniglot Hindi
- Links and information on the script with a nice chart of all the letters.
Transparent Hindi
- Short overview of the alphabet, grammar & vocabulary.
NVTC Hindi
- Concise article on Hindi dialects, phonology, grammar, vocabulary and writing system.
South Asia Studies
- Short article on the language, literature and media.

Courses Beginners/Basic+
A Door into Hindi by Afroz Taj
- A multimedia course teaching elementary Hindi.
Virtual Hindi from New York University
- Another multimedia course with videos, stories, grammar, exercises and information on Indian festivals.
Hindi/Urdu conversational lessons by Syracuse University
- Basic vocabulary lessons with exercises and pictures.
LiveMocha Hindi
- Teaches entirely in Hindi through audio & pictures. Lots of lessons & exercises and an active community.
LILA Hindi
- A 3 level online multimedia course that teaches through English or other Indian languages. Free Registration required.
L-Lingo Hindi Available in English, French, German & Spanish
- Interactive course with 40 lessons using pictures, audio and exercises to teach Hindi phrases and vocabulary.
New directions New people by the University of Pennsylvania
- A 2 volume course teaching through audio and video with text, exercises, tests etc.

Courses Intermediate+/Sustainment
GLOSS Hindi by the Defense Language Institute
- Improve your Hindi with lessons on listening and reading comprehension using authentic material.
Weekly Training Events by the Defense Language Institute
- Improve your Hindi with listening & reading lessons from authentic material. Intermediate and beyond level.
Mellon project for advanced Hindi
- Includes reading lessons, grammar, vocabulary tests, dialogs etc.
Listening Comprehension in Standard Hindi
- 5 video interviews with transcript and questions to check understanding. For advanced mid to superior level students.

English-Hindi-Urdu wordlist
- Compares basic vocabulary between the three languages.
Links for learners of Hindi
- A great site with lots of useful links for a learner of Hindi.
Hindi Bhasha
- A multimedia site with Hindi songs, vocabulary tests etc.
DLI Field Support
- Hindi phrasebooks with audio for download or to view online, some phrasebooks specific to the military.
Hindi though Songs
- 3 songs with audio, karaoke sing-a-long, exercises, lyrics & grammar notes.
Trip to the Market
- A video about going to an Indian market with lots of exercises.
Language Guide Hindi
- Vocabulary guide on different topics with pictures and sound. Viewable through many languages.
Teachionary Hindi
- Interactive exercises with audio for learning Hindi vocabulary.
Intermediate Hindi Resources
- Grammar guides, vocabulary lists and more.
Unilang Basic Hindi
- 9 lessons explaining Hindi grammar, script, usage and more. No audio or exercises but clear and easy-to-understand lessons.
Kids One Hindi
- Lots of beautiful animated videos with rhymes, stories, vocabulary, games, worksheets and lots more. Really nice resource.
Digital Dialects
- Multimedia games for learning numbers, colours, animals and vocabulary in Hindi.
BYKI Hindi
- A free trial vocabulary trainer with Hindi word lists.
Language Reef - Hindi
- Website for teaching your children Hindi, includes alphabet worksheets, vocabulary lists with pictures and various games.

Hindi Script Tutorial
- Interactive tutorial with sound teaching consonants, vowels, conjuncts, numbers and pronunciation tests.
UK India
- 20 lessons gradually teaching the Hindi script and how to read, write & form words. No audio unfortunately.
- 5 lessons explaining how the alphabet and its letters, especially for English speakers. Includes interactive exercises and quizzes.
FSI An Introduction to Written Hindi: A Programmed Introduction to the Devanagari Script by J. W. Stone, 1965
- Textbook teaching the Devanagari alphabet, with each letter introduced in handwritten and printed format. Includes reading and writing exercises but no audio.
The Devanagari Alphabet
- Flash tutorials showing how to write each letter, with audio.
Hindi Language Tutor
- A chart of letters in Hindi, with sound and example words for each letter.
ヒンディ語文字と発音 (Hindi script & pronunciation) by 町田和彦, 1994
- Presents the Devanagari script, with the pronunciation and stroke order shown for each letter. Note: Only available in Japanese.
Hindi Teacher
- Lessons on the Hindi alphabet, with charts of the letters and conjunct characters with audio.
Scripts of all of Asia & Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Asian & Brahmi descended scripts.

A Short Introduction to Hindi by Poul Williams
- Basic grammar overview written by a student of Hindi.
DSERT Textbooks Online
- School textbooks for Hindi and other subjects through Hindi available to download or view online.
NCERT Textbooks
- Lots of Hindi school textbooks for different grades available to view online, the textbooks teach through Hindi only.
FSI Hindi Basic Course by J. M. Harter & others, 1960
- Basic course with conversations, grammar notes and lots of drills. Uses romanization and unfortunately no audio.
FSI Hindi Basic Reader by J. M. Harter & others, 1960
- 87 page reader with short texts in Devanagari, some vocabulary and sentences translated and questions in Hindi. Scan quality makes it hard to read the Hindi texts at times.
Hindi - an active introduction by the Foreign Service Institute
- Teaches Hindi through short lessons that introduce basic grammar through sentences. Exercises are mainly classroom based. No audio. You will need to know Devanagari before starting this course.
An Introduction to Hindi Syntax by Y. Kachru, 1966
- Textbook teaching Hindi sentence structure, intended for students of linguistics, slightly technical. Uses romanization.
ヒンディ語文法 (Hindi grammar) by 町田和彦, 1994
- 60 page grammar of Hindi, with lots of grammatical tables. Uses both script and romanization. Note: Only available in Japanese.
Peace Corps Lessons in Colloquial Hindustani for Fiji by S. Smith, 1968
- 89 short lessons with dialogues, notes and drills. Uses romanization. Scan quality not great.
Peace Corps Hindi Agricultural Extension by E. Papazian & S. B. Ray, 1983
- Presents simple romanized Hindi phrases with a focus on agriculture. Very few exercises. Scan quality makes it hard to read at times.
Fiji Hindustani: A Working Sketch by J. Siegel, 1975
- Short linguistic analysis of Fiji Hindustani. Scan quality is not great, makes it slightly difficult to read.
Elementary Intensive Hindi Vol III by W. McCormack, 1962
- Unfortunately the scan quality is really bad and makes it almost impossible to learn from these textbooks. Would not recommend using these ebooks.
Browse more Hindi e-books in the language e-books section

- Teaches situational Hindi through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's and survival phrases lessons and advanced audio blogs available.
- Daily podcasts teaching grammar, vocabulary and Devanagari script.
Namaste Dosti
- 10 long lessons for beginners, with conversations and useful phrases.
Learn Hindi from Bollywood movies
- Funny Hindi phrases from Bollywood movies explained & transcribed in romanization. Nice for spicing up your Hindi studies.

Transparent: Hindi Blog
- Long-running blog with lots of useful posts on Hindi grammar, vocabulary, culture, food, film etc. Seems to mainly focus on non-language subjects but you can filter to read just the language posts.
Hindi Bolo!
- Several posts with useful videos for learning Devanagari & Hindi, Hindi songs, adverts, stories and more. No longer updated.
HindiPod101.com Blog
- Hindi word of the day posts with sentences and pictures.

Unilang Hindi/Urdu
- A forum where you can get your questions about Hindi answered.
Phrasebase Hindi
- Fairly active forum with lots of useful posts.

Authentic Materials
BBC Asian network
- Several radio programs in Hindi covering current affairs, music, entertainment etc.
- News, radio, video and podcasts in Hindi.
- Radio and podcasts about culture, news, science, entertainment; lots of interesting material.
Hindi Authors
- Biographies of prominent Hindi authors and audio readings.
Hindi in North India
- Videos of authentic language in everyday situations, with notes on each video.
Kaavyaalaya: The House of Hindi Poetry
- Collection of contemporary and classic Hindi poetry.
Hindi Songs
- Lots of links for songs from Hindi movies, reviews of movies, audio, information on musical instruments and more.
- A literary magazine with stories and poetry in Hindi.
- A collection of classic Hindi poetry.
Bharat Darshan poetry, stories & short stories
- Poetry and stories, short enough for beginners to try.

- A Firefox & Windows download for typing in Hindi. Simple & easy to use.
- Online tool for typing phonetically in Hindi. Easy to use.
UniNagari: The simple, no-frills Indic typewriter
- Online tool for typing in Hindi using the online keyboard layout.
Devanagari (Hindi) fonts
- Collection of fonts to write Hindi in, with ratings and lists of sites which use each particular font.
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
- A Hindi-English dictionary and a Hindi-Hindi dictionary.

Colloquial Hindi
- Teaches basic Hindi through dialogues, vocab, grammar and exercises. Reviews here. Note: View only.