Wikipedia Pashto
- Information about anything related to Pashto.
UCLA Pashto profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Pashto.
History of Pushto language
- Short essay covering linguistic details, writing and history.
Learn Pashto online
- A guide to learning Pashto online.
Pashto Language & Cultural Centre
- Various essays on the Pashto language, its history, its people etc.
Languages of the world Pashto
- Introduction to the language by NVTC.

Courses (Beginning/Basic)
Introduction to Pushto (Pashto)
- A basic Peace Corps course with audio and PDF to download.
CAL Beginning Pashto by Tegey & Robson
- Textbook, workbook & student text, well constructed with grammar and reading sections, and lots of exercises. Videos going through the textbook are available here.
CAL Pashto conversation manual (audio) by Tegey & Robson
- Listening exercises, drills, dictation and full audio aimed at teaching practical spoken Pashto.

Courses (Intermediate+/Supportive)
GLOSS Pashto
- Improve your Pashto with listening & reading lessons from authentic material. Intermediate level plus.
Intermediate listening and reading project
- Multimedia exercises to improve student's listening and reading ability in Pashto. Free registration required.
Weekly Training Events by the Defense Language Institute
- Improve your Pashto with listening & reading lessons from authentic material. Intermediate level.
CAL Intermediate Pashto (textbook & workbook) by Tegey & Robson
- Nice textbook & workbook using Arabic script, with dialogues, cultural notes, grammar notes,vocabulary and exercises.

Pashto - Getting started
- A fairly comprehensive lesson on the Pashto alphabet.
Byki Before you know it Lite
- Trial flashcard program with free Pashto word lists.
Pashto Teachionary
- Teaches vocabulary, interactive exercises with audio.
DLI field support Pashto by the Defense Language Institute
- Lots of phrasebooks with audio available, some specific to the military.
Learn Pashto
- 200+ videos teaching useful Pashto phrases and vocabulary, also includes conversations
 with translation and texts with vocabulary explanations.
Resources for the Study of Pashto Literature
- Classical, modern and folk literature in Pashto, some with audio.
LCTL Pashto
- A huge list of Pashto links, with descriptions for most links.
Itty Bitty Pashto Course
- 5 Basic conversation lessons teaching around 80 common words, uses romanization.

How to Read and Write in Pashto by PashtoStudent
- 17 videos teaching the Pashto script, showing how to write each letter, with example sentences deconstructed and short stories to practise reading.

CAL - A reference grammar of Pashto by Tegey & Robson
- Grammar book for beginning & intermediate level.
CAL Pashto reader
- Exercises, wordlists, notes etc to accompany the passages.
CAL Pashto reader (original) by Tegey & Robson
- 37 passages in original photocopied or published form.
CAL Pashto reader (transcriptions) by Tegey & Robson
- 45 transcripted passages for readers not familiar with written Pashto.
CAL Pashto-English glossary by Tegey & Robson
- A glossary for the Tegey & Robson Pashto materials.

Central Asian News
- News articles in simplified language from Indiana university.

ABC Pashto
- Big forum for people learning or teaching Pashto, with lots of useful threads. DEAD LINK
Unilang South Asian Languages
- Small but active forum with several useful threads for Pashto.

Learn Pashto language
- Information on learning Pashto, phrases and articles with wordlists and translations.
Transparent: Pashto Blog
- Professional blog with posts on Pashto culture, language and script.

Authentic Material
Kyber gateway
- News, society, culture, articles. Lots of info.
Some useful Pashto websites
- A guide to Pashto websites.
VOA Pashto, VOA Deewa Radio, BBC, TRT
- News, radio, podcasts and video (on VOA) in Pashto.

Pashto fonts
- Information on Pashto fonts and a downloadable text editor.
Qamosona Online Dictionaries
- Loads of dictionaries, English to Pashto, Arabic to Pashto, French to Pashto etc.
A Dictionary of the Puk'hto, Pus'hto, or Language of the Afghans by Major H. G. Raferty, 1867
- Searchable Pashto-English dictionary with script & romanization.
A Digital Pashto-English Dictionary by W. L. Heston
- A 1,000 word searchable dictionary with audio.

Rosetta Stone Pashto
- 92 lessons using audio and pictures.