Wikipedia Marathi
- Lots of info on the language, its history, dialects, phonology, writing system, grammar, vocabulary and more.
UCLA Marathi
- Article with diagram on Marathi history, grammar, script, dialects, role in society etc.
Marathi Language
- Article on the origin of Marathi, its script, grammar, relationship to other languages and dialects.
Marathi: The Language and its Linguistic Traditions
- Essay on the history of Marathi and Marathi literature.
History of Marathi
- Article on the history of the language & literature, and current status.
Omniglot Marathi
- Info on the Marathi script and its origin, a chart of all the letters, and a collection of links.
NVTC Marathi
- Concise information on the language, script, grammar, vocabulary, phonology and dialects of Marathi.

Marathi Online
- 3 multimedia textbooks with audio, teaches Marathi through dialogues, grammar notes, vocabulary and practice exercises. Knowledge of Marathi script recommended beforehand.
Marathi Structural Patterns by M. Berntsen & J. Nimbkar, 1982
- Introduces grammatical structures, with explanations, vocabulary, example sentences and drills. Uses Marathi script.
Marathi Conversational Situations by M. Berntsen & J. Nimbkar, 1983
- 80 everyday conversations in Marathi script, designed to be used with above e-book on structural patterns.
Marathi Bharatiya Bhasha Jyoti(Marathi textbook in Hindi)
- Online textbook for learning Marathi through Hindi.

- Conversations, grammar explanations & words and phrases with audio & example sentences. Useful for improving your Marathi.
Engoi English-Marathi
- Vocabulary collection arranged by topic with exercises.
Devanagari Script Tutor
- Interactive tutorial with sound, teaches most of the letters in Marathi script but be advised that some are missing.
Language Reef
- Website for teaching your children Marathi, includes alphabet worksheets, vocabulary lists with pictures and various games.
My Languages - Marathi
- Collection of vocabulary arranged by grammatical category (nouns, adjectives etc), written in Marathi script and romanization.

Marathi Vocabulary Manual by J. Nimbkar & M. Berntsen, 1983
- A Marathi dictionary, designed for use with other materials by same authors. Also includes lists of useful vocab, arranged by topic.
Marathi Illustrated Vocabulary by M. Berntsen & J. Nimbkar, 1983
- 400 basic vocabulary items, with lovely illustrations.
Marathi Readings by M. Berntsen & J. Nimbkar, 1983
- Bilingual readings & conversations for intermediate students.
Marathi Reader by M. L. Apte
- Handwritten reader with vocabulary, notes and exercises, also includes an introduction to Marathi script.
Marathi English Primer by G. H. Bhide, 1901
- Old fashioned style to learning a language, with grammar explanations and translation exercises. Uses Marathi script.
Marathi English Primer Volume 2 by G. H. Bhide, 1901
- Continues on from the previous book, teaching more complicated grammar with longer sentences to translate. Uses Marathi script.
A Start in Marathi by E. Fairbank, 1907
- Teaches Marathi through rote-memorization, grammar notes and reading practice. Difficult to see how it could be useful for an independent learner as there are no translations of the vocab and phrases!
Marathi Proverbs by A. Manwaring, 1899
- Large collection of proverbs topically arranged. Proverbs written in Marathi script, romanization and translation with notes on the meaning.
DSERT Textbooks Online
- School textbooks for studying Marathi or other subjects through Marathi available to download and view online.
マラーティー語研修テキスト(Marathi Language Training Textbook) by M. Naito, 1977 (no. A093-95)
- Some complimentary copies may be available if you e-mail the university.

Phrasebase Marathi
- Very small forum but unfortunately no posts so far.
Unilang South Asian Languages
- Small but active forum with some useful threads for Marathi.

Learn Marathi through English
- Extensive blog that teaches grammar, pronunciation, Marathi script and vocabulary. There are also trancribed conversations with audio. Great resource.
Learn Marathi from Hindi
- By the same author as the above blog, it teaches Marathi in English by comparing it to Hindi. Really great for students who are familiar with Hindi.

Authentic Material
Marathi Novels
- Thriller, horror, suspense and romance novels available to read in blog form. Some are also translated into English.
Marathi Authors
- Biographies of prominent Marathi authors and audio readings.
Marathi E-Shala
- Scanned Marathi children's books, book excerpts, script practice sheets, radio dramas and a nice collection of links.
M N Gogate's Website
- Article and science fiction in Marathi.
Marathi Documents
- Literature, poems, religious texts, articles and songs & audio in Marathi.
Narayan Sitaram Phadke
- Information in Marathi & English about the famous novelist, as well as excerpts from his novels.

- A Firefox & Windows download for typing phonetically in Marathi. Simple & easy to use.
- Online tool for typing phonetically in Marathi.
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
- 2 searchable Marathi dictionaries.