Wikipedia Kyrgyz
- Information on the history, phonology, writing system and grammar of Kyrgyz.
UCLA Kyrgyz
- Article with picture on the grammar, dialects, relationship to other languages, history and role in society of Kyrgyz.
Two Years in Kyrgyzstan: A Peace Corps Journal
- Interesting blog post about a Peace Corps volunteer's experience of learning Kyrgyz intensively
Celestial Mountains - Language
- Essay on the history, grammar, relationship to other languages, script and dialects of the Kyrgyz language.
Omniglot Kyrgyz
- Information on the history of Kyrgyz writing systems, a chart of all the letters and a collection of links.
NVTC Kyrgyz
- Concise information on the dialects, grammar, phonology, writing and resources for Kyrgyz.
Kyrgyztan - Society
- Essay on the history of the Kyrgyz language and its writing system.

Peace Corps Kyrgyz Language Manual by M. Abylkasymova & G. Jumabaeva, 1997
- Textbook with detailed phonetic information, dialogues, extensive exercises, grammar notes and pictures. Looks like a nice
Peace Corps Kirghiz Language Competencies by I. L. Cirtautas, 1993
- Teaches Kyrgyz for survival competency with dialogues, vocabulary lists, proverbs, grammar notes and cultural notes. No exercises.
Peace Corps Kyrgyz (+audio) by U. Primkulov, 2005
- Short course giving a survival knowledge of Azerbaijani phrases and grammar, with audio and limited exercises.
Intermediate Level Listening and Reading Project
- Multimedia exercises to help student's listening and reading ability in Mongolian. Free registration required.

Киргизский язык от Алекса Луговского Only available in Russian
- Lots of information on the Kyrgyz language, including detailed grammar notes, information on phonology and the Kyrgyz script and more.
The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook
- Fairly big phrasebook with audio covering topics like shopping, introductions, asking directions and numbers.
Monumenta Altaica Available in English and Russian
- PDFs of grammar books, dictionaries, academic papers and authentic texts in Altaic languages.
Kyrgyz Archive
- Audio files for various Kazakh textbooks. Unfortunately is probably not very useful as none of the textbooks are available online.

Learning Kyrgyz
- Blog about the author living in Kyrgystan and their progress in learning the language. Also has links and books listed that are useful for Kyrgyz learners.

Unilang Turkic Languages
- Forum for Turkic languages such as Kyrgyz, Turkmen etc. Has a few relevant threads for Kyrgyz.

Authentic Materials
TRT, CRT (Arabic script), Radio Free Europe, BBC, Kabar
- News, radio, podcasts and video in Kyrgyz.
Kyrgyz Music
- Information about styles of Kyrgyz music and famous composers, with numerous audio samples

Freelang Kirghiz and English Dictionary
- Searchable online and downloadable two-way dictionary. Only around 1,500 words so far.
Кыргызско-русский словарь
- Kyrgyz-Russian dictionary. Not searchable.
- Small Kyrgyz-Russian dictionary. Not searchable. The source dictionary was published in 1953 so some words may be outdated.
Kyrgyz Cyrillic - Arabic - Latin Converter
- Converts Kyrgyz written in the Cyrillic script to the Arabic or Latin script.